A Tale Of Two Cities

Macron thinks he is this guy… 

I know the title is banal and abused, but it is also irresistible. I could have written “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…”, but that would have been even more banal… Still, it seems so pertinent….

Dickens or no Dickens, the facts on the table are simple: as Paris burns (see what I am doing here?) Rome celebrates sanity.   

We see here the simple difference between power used for the people, and power abused by a wannabe elitist minority, led by a pervert married to a child abuser, and directed against the people. 

Now, I do not condone violence, vandalism, etc. But if you know Europe you know this is the way the French convey the message that they are angry. Their vandalism is not justified, their anger is. Macron’s fuel tax rise amidst the usual global warming fantasies was just the (massive) straw that broke this particular camel’s back.

It is not only that the man is incompetent. The root of the problem is that he is totally detached from the problems of the real people, who get up in the morning and go to work, and worships at the altar of the globalist and environmental gods. This new religion is the one to which everyone in his circle belongs, and against which no one would dare to apostatise. Perhaps, until the entire Country explodes. 

I do not pity the French. They have elected Macron, and they will now suffer everything that there is to suffer, and it serves them right, until the violence has become sufficient to (possibly) force a partial return to sanity. But the contrast with Rome is still brutal. 

Democracies aren’t perfect. They are pretty dumb. They encourage alliances of the have nots against the haves. They are often the triumph of the minimum common denominator. They tend to elect mediocre politicians exactly reflecting the mediocrity of the average elector. They are easily manipulated by the media, which force feed the ignorant, the dumb and the evil with their own mantras of anti-Christian ideas, from so-called “marriage equality” to the very concept of “hate speech” to, of course, EnvironMentalism. They are very slow in correcting the course even when it is evident that it is wrong.

But at some point, the breaking point is always reached. We are seeing this in Germany and Sweden, in Austria and in Italy, in Hungary and in Poland. We are seeing it, now, even in France; a Country which elected an anti-Trump granny-lover after Trump’s election.

 You elect a man with a rotten brain, what you get is rotten politics. 

I do not know what will happen now. It is clear to me that Macron can’t continue with his unprecedented waves of arrests, because he can’t play Schutzstaffel for very long. He will have to yield in some way, and will probably try to cheat in that, too. Still, the toy is broken now, and his presidency will be remembered for the gilet jaunes; the product, by the way, of another stupid French Nazi Nanny idea (the obligation to have a yellow security vest in your car; because you know, it used to be that people who got a tire punctured used to be killed in droves…). 

Macron’s presidency is now irretrievably ruined. He will never really recover from this. He is now the Pope Francis of French Presidents. 

Democracies are slow, half asleep, and pretty stupid.

But they wake up in the end.  


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  1. Steve Bannon must be enjoying all of this.

  2. You are correct. Democracy is a form of government suitable only for a small community with a homogeneous population. It does not scale well and devolves into lowest common denominator “culture”. What you have stated is exactly what Jose Ortega y Gasset says in “Revolt of the Masses” wherein “Mass Man” decides what is good and worthy, and of course because he is not equipped for the task, life becomes coarse and uncivilized. Gasset considers himself to be an elitist in the best tradition of elitism. Today elitism is a bad word. However, there is an elite and it’s people like Macron. But they care only about their short term gain. They deny responsibility for society. They want the benefits without the burdens. A lousy elite.

  3. The American media will only identify the reason the French are discontented as a direct result of the gas tax and nothing more. I was on Fox News online yesterday, and when I mentioned the American journalists propensity to ignore the Muslim situation in France I was shocked when in front of my eyes my comment disappeared, poof!
    As far as American media is concerned this is only about money and taxes, nothing more.

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