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Bianco Natale

Strasbourg And The Multicultural Mess

The information is still fragmentary on the Strasbourg shooting spree. Therefore, the attacker might not have a link to the (don’t laugh) “religion of peace”. However, the attacker has a name that sounds rather Arab to these ears. We shall see.

The fact is, though, that before the massive influx of the followers of a certain Violent Paedophile these things did not happen. Christmas Markets, which were not called “holiday markets” yet, were peaceful affairs and considered just part of the social fabric.

Now we have multiculturalism, which means that we have very expensive security measures to allow Europeans to live their lives the European way. These measures are also insufficient, as the attacker in Strasbourg was allegedly able to get past them before firing his shots.

The attacker may or may not have an Islamic motive. But one would have to be blind not to notice how the entire fabric of Europe is being changed, slowly deformed into a tragically botched experiment in multicultural utopia.

Europe needs to go back to being European; which means, in its matrix, Christian.

Unless we recognise Christianity as our common cultural matrix, to be respected – if not worshipped – by everyone, we will keep sliding into a bigger and bigger multicultural mess. And yes, the attacker with a very foreign sounding name was, in fact, born in Strasbourg.

The sins of the politicians of yesteryear are being paid by the citizen of today, and very fittingly so.


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