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The Kindle And The Log

I have not written a lot about the SSPX in the last months, simply because there was not much to write about. The position of the SSPX has been known for a while: they will talk to the Pope – to any Pope, and be a disgraceful one like the Evil Clown – and they will explore possible ways of reconciliation if this can be done without endangering their Catholic integrity and factual autonomy in the face of open heresy.

We all know that the latest round of talk also led to nothing; but many, like me, think that already the talking wasn’t a bad thing, as it shows to the entire Catholic world that the undisputed champions of proper Catholicism do not create their own mini-me “church” and keep the flag of Catholicism high without any Schismatic approach or, worse, direct or indirect Sedevacantist fantasy.

Much as I like the SSPX, and trust them entirely, a little part of me wished – and still wishes – a more confrontational approach to the filth now reigning in the Vatican. I am aware that the SSPX cannot be expected to behave like enraged bloggers; but I would have wished more at least in term of turning up the volume.

The Remnant’ s report about the interview with Fr Pagliarani, the new Superior General of the SSPX, seems to show that things are going in the right direction, as I seem to detect in Father Pagliarani a more muscular tone than the one observed in his predecessor.

It would be wrong to assume, or to hope, that the SSPX will now start using the tones to which this humble effort has accustomed you. There is a place for bloggers and one for religious orders. However, I think that in the next months, as Father Pagliarani develops his own brand of strategy, we will see a little less diplomacy and some more frankness.

The resistance to Francis, and to Vatican II, can and should take many forms: more aggressive in some private blogs, more diplomatic in official organisations. The two approaches integrate each other, as the common pewsitter can better appreciate the fine point of diplomacy once he has, to his great relief, become aware that a lot of people are just as angry as he is. We are the kinde that makes the obvious flames in the fireplace, the SSPX is the great log that keeps a steady fire burning.

The Lord works in His own ways. He is probably using wretched sinners and holy priests for the same aim right now.


Dormi Jesu

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