Satanical Delusions

If you have any doubt about what pieces of shit these homosexualists are, look no further than Colorado, when the heroic Jack Phillips. a man who has been persecuted for six years now for not wanting to bake absurd sodomy celebration cakes, is being sued *again* for refusing to bake a case “celebrating” what one of these utterly mad people call “transition” from a dog to a cat, or from a rabbit to an oak, or from a male to a female, something like that but I don’t even want to know the detail.

Every pervert can go to any supermarket and buy a cake to “celebrate” whatever he wants to “celebrate” before the probable, ultimate end of the “celebration”: suicide.

I for myself can guarantee to you that, in my entire life, I never had a cake baked according to my wishes and never got any trauma for that at all. Heck, it one looks for long enough, one can certainly find a baker as perverted as oneself, ready to make for him all the cakes that are desired.

But you see, it is clearly not about the cake. It is about the desire of these people to ram down your throat the acceptance of their satanical delusions.

Thank God for courageous people like Mr Phillips. If he i snot a Catholic, I hope he dies one and in all cases, I have no doubts that he is earning a huge amount of brownie points, collaborating with God’s grace in the fight for, well, nothing more than sanity.


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  1. Thank you for bringing this up to your readers’ attention. My wife knows Jack Philips; he is a firm believing Evangelical. But I love your comment that he is earning heavenly brownie points. Our Lord knows how to save such a courageous man.

  2. M., I know you are not one to fret about apocalyptic scenarios, however, it seems oppression by gender ideologues is growing daily. Someone speculated that “the mark of the Beast” will be those who subscribe to this madness and adopt the requisite new pronouns. All others will be persecuted. Sounds plausible to me.

    The degeneracy is now manifested in middle-America. Washington State University has installed feminine hygiene products into the men’s restrooms. I go to a gym and regularly see transsexuals on the equipment. Not the same transsexual but different ones on different days. These are men tarted up (heavy make-up, impeccable coifs, and talon-like varnished nails on huge hands) in women’s athletic wear.

    Satan prowls the world and it’s more obvious than ever.

  3. I pray for perseverance for Mr. Phillips, and his success at the end. And his conversion &/or abundance of brownie points. Great post.

  4. “…rationalized sexual misbehavior construed as liberation.”

    “…in their trouble they have only two alternatives: they can either conform their actions to the moral law or conform the moral law to their actions. The former calls for repentance, the latter rationalization, ideology, and, ultimately, a social activism in which those who feel guilty will unite and try through political means to make wrong right….Now as then, subversion is the goal and ruin the consequence—ruin for those who choose sodomy and fail to repent but ruin as well, as recent English history has shown, for the country that lacks the will to conform itself to the moral law.”


    “…private acts have public consequences.

    E. Michael Jones, Degenerate Moderns, Chapter on Homosexuals as Subversives

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