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Easy-To-Keep 2019 Resolutions

As we leave 2018 behind us, I would suggest to my readers some easy actions that will make 2019 better both for them and for Catholicism as a whole.

  • Change the browser setting to DuckDuckGo as search engine. Ditch Google, whose aim is to manipulate you and use you as as a stupid serf doing their bidding even as you enrich them. Google is poison for democracy and freedom. It will take some years before this becomes a more widely accepted fact, but we must start from a minority position and do the best we can to spread our ideas around us.
  • Start weaning yourself out of Facebook. Realise that nobody is really interested in where you have drunk your last latte, or where you are now. Unless you are very attractive, most people will also be rather fed up with seeing you posting pictures of yourself with s silly smile everywhere. Facebook is an exercise in futility and banality. I have never had a personal Facebook account, but what I have seen of other people’s accounts (the self-centredness, the endless banalities, the stunning amount of triviality and hot air) is enough to make me question the sanity of the human race.
  • Get yourself out of Twitter as an active user, but keep using it to follow President Donald John Trump and a few, very carefully selected others. Your quality of life will greatly benefit from the newly acquired free time, and you will have done your best to castrate another enemy of Western freedoms.

Realise than now more than ever, 


all your social media postings are carefully vetted by any potential employer of yours, which opens a very wide door to discrimination against you by any number of feminist bitches or acidic soyboys in the HR departments or by decisions about pay rises, bonuses, promotions etc. 

These are only four easy-to-remember, feasible actions you can start carrying out today. Whilst it sounds cheesy to say that you can change the world one browser setting at a time, the reality on the ground is that individual actions are the most we can do that really has a consequence, however small.

I wish all my readers a happy 2019.


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