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The Faithless Pope

Father Davide Pagliarani, the Superior General of the SSPX, has given an interesting interview a few days before Christmas.  

I think there are some elements of this interview that merit our attention.

Firstly, Father Pagliarani politely, but openly calls the Pope faithless. Faithless in the real, literal sense, of one who is called to faithfully transmit the faith and does exactly the contrary. Note that the figure and role of the Pope qua Pope is respected and upheld at the same time as the current occupier of the Throne of Peter is politely, but still very obviously thrashed.

Secondly, Father Pagliarani has a very practical and, if you allow me, “Italian” approach to the current problems within the Church. The Pope does not do his job, and actually undermines the faith. Very bad. However, this does not change anything in his being Pope, or in his being wrong. Father Pagliarani works with the situation he has.

Thirdly, Father Pagliarani does not give any answer about when the chaos in the Church is going to end. He merely states that, one day, a Pope will correct all the mistakes caused by the madness seen in the last almost sixty years. He does not promise that this will happen in his lifetime, or in yours, or in the one of your nephew. This basic consideration, that a Pope can be very bad, is something every Italian absorbs since childhood, as natural to him as the sun and the stars. The fact that this Pope is particularly bad does not change anything in this fundamental consideration. Actually, there is no Vatican II Pope that deserves not to be called particularly bad if measured with the standard of orthodox Popes before V II; Francis merely went off-the-chart-bad.

A faithless Pope undermines the faith and there is no seeing when this will end. However, the truths of the faith remain exactly the same. We leave it to God’s Providence to decide when this chaos ends and to providentially adjust things, which will happen in ways we probably cannot foresee now. In my eyes, however, it appears to be in the Providence’s plan that the faithful (or, rather, the unfaithful) are forced to confront the disaster they have put themselves in and realise that at its root is the fundamental betrayal of Catholic orthodoxy set in motion by the Second Vatican Council.

In other words, my impression is that we will have to eat a huge quantity of the shit that two generations of fake Catholics have produced, until the desire for “improvements” and “updates” goes away for a very, very long time, leaving place for the restoration of sound orthodoxy. How much shit-eating will be enough? I have frankly no idea, and  prepare myself to live and die in this sad age of confusion; but safe in the knowledge that the immutable truths transmitted to Catholicism will remain forever, and that it is not my job to decide when this punishment will end.




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