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Comical Francis

Bergoglio does at times really remind one of Comical Ali, the PR guy of Saddam Hussein claiming victory against the US even as the incoming US tanks were visible by Western journalists with their own eyes. The level of absurdity of this Pontificate might soon even surpass the apparent lack of shame – and obvious terror of Saddam – of that guy.

Bergoglio dares to scold his own bishops for their lack of credibility at the same time as one if his cronies, Bishop Zanchetta, is accused of the usual sodomitical predatory behaviour.

This Zanchetta guy is a FrancisCreature through and through: protected and promoted by Bergoglio in his time in Buenos Aires, and made a Bishop not much after Bergoglio was elected Pope.

You need to be very naive to believe that Bergoglio would work closely with this guy without ever noticing anything, or have him vetted certainly on more than one occasion without Zanchetta’s behaviour being brought to his attention. There is absolutely no realistic chance that Bergoglio did not know.

What appears extremely likely to me is that Bergoglio not only knew about the perverted proclivities of the bishops and cardinals in his entourage, but actually chose to use it in order to have – even to promote – around him people he could use, and of whose loyalty he could be assured.

This is an extremely dark, evil, disgusting individual. His strategy has always been to lie first, and to lie even more when his lies are exposed. His hypocrisy evidently knows no bounds.

If Comical Ali had been made Pope, I doubt he would have made himself as ridiculous as this disgusting old clown.

Oh well, it’s the beginning of the year. One can hope that 2019 will bury this man six feet deep, to be despised until the end of time.


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