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The Economics Of Poverty, or: Robbing the Poor to Give to the Illegal

The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has just announced he will give guaranteed health care to, among others, illegals. 

Last time I looked, New York was not some wealthy enclave like, say, the Principality of Monaco. It was, and his, a city with extremely high costs of living, where an awful lot of people struggle even to live in conditions that we in Italy call “dignified poverty”. A place with, and I am sorry to say that, an awful lot of hard working losers who keep voting for the Democrats, who then force them to become even harder working and even more losers.

This latest initiative is just an extreme example of what the Democrats do, all over the Country, all the time: they rob the poor and give to the scroungers and the illegals. 

The Democrats pursue an economics of poverty: they will first import illegals, hoping to make of them regular voters one day (certainly already happening in some measure, by the way, in all those State in which electoral fraud is positively encourage, like the “motor voter” ones). They will then proceed to tax the working poor in order to give substantial freebies to their protected classes and hard sock of their power base: those who don’t work – and often have neither intention nor incentive to do so – and those who depress the wage of those who work legally. As the Democrats encourage the abortion of more and more of their future voters, they must import more and more illegals to compensate for the literal killing of their power basis. The game has gone on for decades now, and you would think that those who work hard to maintain politicians without scruple in power and an army of good-for-nothing and illegals protected and well fed would get the dynamics. Alas, they don’t.

You can bet that New York will keep voting Democrat at staggering percentages – percentages which make it clear that the oppressed feed the very system that oppresses them – as the multitude of people working hard to live in conditions that would be considered poverty most everywhere else in the West keep feeding the system that oppresses them.

Last time I looked, more than 400,000 people out of around 8 million lived in the New York Council House system, once a preserve of the working poor and now a preserve of the single mothers and the chronically unemployed; a natural development considering the economic value of what they would, in time, lose if they were to start working hard in some manual, non professional job. You would think those who work hard to live in shared accommodation well into their working careers would look around themselves and start to get it. I am afraid they don’t, and they won’t.

This is why Bill de Blasio has announced the initiative. He will position himself for further political glory when his time as Mayor ends, with the approval of the very people he exploits to finance his political ascent.

Why this is so is difficult to tell, but my best bet is that the Democrats are good at exploiting social envy, telling the working poor that they are on their side whilst sucking the marrow out of their bones.

Start spreading the news: in old New York, you can work hard all day and come home to live with cockroaches, knowing that your tax money has financed scroungers and illegals.

All, of course, in the name of social justice.





“Brazil First And God Above All”: Jair Bolsonaro Shows The Ways of the Lord.




This guy just made my day.

Let us pick a handful of selected quotes first:

“My electoral campaign listened to the call of the streets and forged a commitment to place Brazil first and God above all.”

“Thank you, my God”

“I place myself before the whole nation, on this day, as the day in which the people began to liberate itself from socialism, from the inversion of values, from big government, and from political correctness,”

If this is not enough, how about the new Minister for Families?

“When I talk about life, I’m talking about life from conception,”

“In this government, a girl will be a princess and a boy will be a prince”

“the government is secular, but this minister is terribly Christian”.

This is quite shocking, in a good way. You can barely believe this is today, in the XXI Century. This is like fresh air finally entering a room full of (liberal) stench. This is – at least as far as values are concerned – Trump on steroids.

This man shows once again that God works in mysterious ways. When He intervenes, He does it in a generally unexpected way, because the world is unable to understand the workings of God. He sends us unexpected people, with unexpected characters and inclinations, who cause an entirely unexpected upheaval of the worldly status quo. He does not send (most of the times at least) great saints and powerful angels. He sends fallible, flawed people like us. They have common names; names like Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, Matteo Salvini; but also, looking at the past, Benito Mussolini, Napoleone Bonaparte, Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus. They have normally not led, nor in many cases they continue to live, an exemplary life; but at some point, they start – more or less willingly, and at times merely out of political convenience – to do God’s work for their Country.

We look at these sudden changes of landscape, and wonder at the greatness of God, at work under our eyes, for those who have eyes to see.

We get these breaks again and again; whether we use them properly and profit from them in a permanent way is a different matter altogether. It is for us, the common people, to do the most we can as individual to continue in the small scale what God has set in motion in the great one. This is also another aspect of Bolsonaro’s message: the invitation to change one’s Country not only in its deformed legal structures, but in the hearts and minds of his inhabitants.

If the Pope were Catholic, and the clergy straight, Bolsonaro’s work would be much easier. But again, we do not need to be worried about that: have we not seen, and do we not keep seeing, that God works in mysterious ways and always runs to our help in some unexpected manner?

Do not spend sleepless nights thinking about the Evil Clown. Use your sadness and anger to pray more. Try to help in the restoration of sanity as much as you can, and let Providence do the rest.

The government may be depraved, but let the readers of this blog be terribly Christian.



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