The Father.

In the stupid world in which we live – perfectly exemplified by the stupid Pope with whom we have live – the difference between paternal love and maternal love is more and more overlooked. This is not merely a religious phenomenon. Rather, I would say that it is the result of the “emancipation” movement, which has made the average man less masculine as it made the average woman less feminine.

There is a fundamental difference between the love of a father and of a mother. In short, it consists in this: that whilst the love of the mother is unconditional and unconditionally forgiving, the love of the father is generally not unconditional and, more important still, not averse to necessary harsh punishment, up to the point of rejection.

It is no coincidence at all that the Christian religion has always identified God as Father not only from a Scriptural, but from an everyday point of view; there, where religion is lived by the men and women working the fields and nurturing their children. Similarly, it is no coincidence that other religions identify God as Mother.

Christianity has always taught that God’s love for us does not exclude the ultimate, infinitely harsh punishment. This concept is, I must say, manly to the core and, therefore, consciously or instinctively hated by all the feminist nutcases out there, and by effeminate priests and prelates the world over. Francis himself hat, on several occasions, spoken of an all-forgiving, unconditionally devoted God that our ancestors would barely recognise as Christian.

This is deeply unchristian and, therefore, utterly wrong. It flies in the face of two thousand years of Christianity. It is a sad, pathetic, but highly corrosive parody of our religion. It is a monstrous deformation of the Most Holy Trinity. It corrupts the perception of God, destroys the fear of Him, and translates into an utterly effeminate vision of right and wrong. This effeminate vision of right and wrong then proceeds to do damage everywhere, as everything Christian from death penalty to just war, and from marriage to… walls is questioned as “too harsh” .

Pope Francis is not the one who caused the problem here. He is merely one of the very many who have lost the basic concepts of God, Justice and Truth.

But we need to condemn him especially, because he betrays Christ in an especially grave way.


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  1. “Love” in the mouths of Novus Ordo priests and Pope Francis has turned into treacly fatuous nonsense. Love requires sacrifice, sacrifice of yourself. Sacrifice of yourself requires discipline, motivation, perseverance, etc. These are manly virtues.

  2. Very true. But, speaking as a father myself, I might describe a father as having unconditional love, but with conditional mercy; where as a mother’s love tends towards unconditional mercy. I will always love my children, but if they want to come to me after a transgression, then there must be some sort of resolution of the underlying sin.

    The push for “emancipation” has never been about freedom but about enslavement. The phony “emancipation” of women has really been about the emasculation of men by demanding that men and women merge on the very point of unconditional mercy. This destroy’s the protective function of men and opens the community up to subjugation by “political correctness”. In the end Christianity can’t exist in such a world.

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