Very Privileged, Notoriously Ill RBG Very Much “Pro Own Life”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has cancelled a planned event for the 29 January, as she is still recovering from her fall in November and subsequent cancer removal in December. She may be free from cancer now, but in good health she is certainly not.

Atheist, feminist and of Jewish background, the woman is, at least from what the world can see, as far from Christ as anyone can make himself. It is no surprise that her position on the unborn baby finds… warm approval in hell.

I wonder whether the woman is, by now, the only one who has not understood that she is not fit for the job. Countless leftists certainly know it, but they would prefer to keep her on the Supreme Court in a vegetative state rather than having to deal with the consequences of her departure. The jokes with the old movie “weekend at Bernie’s” are not only automatic, but very apposite.

I make a prediction, that the woman will not live to see Hanukkah. And if I am wrong I will add, not without some cynicism, that we have several more months’ time after that.

Mind, I am not wishing her death, merely looking at facts. She might do the decent thing and dresign, too, but rabid leftists are not really known for doing the decent thing, so I think it will have to be the undertaker.

However, I notice this: for a woman who denies the right to live of an innocent unborn child, she is holding on to life with great tenacity. She must be very aware of the value of her own life, then.

Pity that 60 million others, in the US alone, did not have the same privilege.


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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, you are correct about RBG valuing her own life and the rest. I am puzzled that the late pro-life Justice Scalia was able to have a personal friendship with this harpy!

  2. The over 62,000,000 killed by their moms in the USA since Roe are NOT in hell. And they are alive, they are immortal. Just like you and me and RBG-we all live forever from the moment of ocnception. Unlike the murdered babies, we get to choose where we spend enternity by our exercise of our God-gifted free will. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Guy McClung, Texas

  3. Two decades ago RBG was the commencement speaker at my son’s college graduation. The first words out of her mouth were that she was fighting discrimination against women. The next 25 minutes she said the same thing, only in detail – as in cases she fought, decisions she won. This was to a graduating class that was roughly 50% male. The whole damn speech was about how men oppress women. She had not one word of congratulations for the students – didn’t even acknowledge that they were graduating. Nothing about their future, wishing them well – nothing. RBG’s last line was that she still has a long way to go to end male patriarchy. Then she sat down. I wanted to sock her.

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