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A Tale of Two Marches

Huge Crowd in DC Friday at 'March for Life' (Not that You ...

2019 March for Life

As the “women’s march” is in a deep crisis due to the rabid antisemitism of some of the leftist bitches organising it, the 2019 March for Life take place today in Washington, and we know it will be glorious once again.

We see here two worlds clashing against each other. On one hand, the decent people able to see what is right beyond the modern worship of feminism and the easy way out of legality. On the other hand, the enemies of everything that is good and wholesome and beautiful and sacred, taking to the street to demand not only the right to kill their babies in the womb, but the dismantling of every facet of that wonderful, God-willed order called the Patriarchate.

Man and woman God made them.

Witches aren’t mentioned.


Meet Cardinal “I Forgot” Wuerl

Cardinal Wuerl really must think we are all stupid.

Confronted with the evidence that he knew about the allegations against Cardinal McCarrick as early as 2004, he now claims to have… forgotten about it at some point after 2006.

Let us see all the way in which this is atrocious.

Firstly, it is a blatant lie: you just don’t forget that a Cardinal – and a US one at that – has been credibly accused of abuse.

Secondly, if it were true it would show the astonishing hardness of heart of a man for whom a Cardinal being accused of child abuse is something of so little consequence that it gets forgotten.

Thirdly, if if were to be true it would prove that the man is really dumb, not being able to connect dots and observe the man in his own environment- the two must have met fairly frequently – even after being informed of his proclivities. At that point, the eyes of one who wants to see would be wide open, and I can’t imagine that other credible sources were not available to him.

Theregore, the man is either a liar, or an evil man, or a simpleton.

Two and three are, however, obviously absurd. The truth is that the man who now claims forgetfulness is the one rumoured to have been nicknamed “Donna” in the Seminary. Do I see a pattern here?

This pathetic denial is beyond disgraceful. Who does the man think he is, Pope Francis? And by the way, was he not supposed to resign? Has he announced the date of his departure? Or has he… forgotten?

I can’t follow all the details about all the Cardinals now in trouble, and that for sheer lack of time; but if this guy has lied to the authorities in a high-profile child abuse investigation he might soon be swimming in a sea of excrement .

When he resigns, may I suggest Father Guarnizo as his successor; yes, this is the man Wuerl persecuted for explaining to a couple of lesbians some facts of life, and who had to move to Russia because, clearly, Wuerl and his US colleagues had a well-functioning memory at that time.

Watch out, Donna.

This may well be, as far as the job is concerned, the last nail in your shameless coffin.


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