Covington Catholic: All That Is Wrong With The Modern Times

Cool guy, this one. 


The Covington Catholic incident really shows how far the United States have descended into a pit of political correctness and outright stupidity. Let us see all the ways:

  1. Covington Catholic Schools condemned his own students before even knowing the facts. Heads should roll for that fact alone. Don’t hold your breath.
  2. The hoax of the Redskin scumbag and his friends was exposed within hours (no, the Redskin was not attacked o intimidated by anyone; and yes, he was the guy trying to intimidate) and the Redskin scumbag still keeps complaining and playing an entire deck of race cards. 
  3. The poor Catholic boy was, in the end, “acquitted” because he kept an absolutely calm behaviour. It seems nowadays nothing less than perfection is expected from a Catholic. I can’t even think what would have happened if the good boy had started to shout in the face of the damn old redskin. Something I would have done, with relish, and with a very colourful language as a musical accompaniment to the instrument the man is trying to play in my face.
  4. The criticism now revolves around the fact that the boy was… smirking. He was smirking! This is… raciss! You can’t do it as a White Male! Your White Privilege does not entitle you to any smirk! Anything less than perfection will lead to crucifixion. Of course, these people crucified He Who is perfect, too!
  5. Ugly Evil Redskin now wants to meet the Pope. This is an abortion activist, for crying out loud! But no: wallowing in his victim complex, the man wants to meet the Pope to get some form of excuse for us being White and he being Red. Can’t wait to see if Francis is so stupid that he will fall for that. Idiot as the man certainly is, I doubt.

This race madness has to stop. And in order for it to stop, we need young White people who grow proud of their own skin colour, of their own traditions, of their own religion and values, and of the wonderful civilisation Whites have brought to everyone, even the savage Redskin heathens with whom they unavoidably came in contact as they were civilising the American Continent. A people, these redskins, exhibiting such a low form of savagery (I do not even want to call it “civilisation”) that it liquefied at the mere contact with the infinitely superior civilisation of the People of Mozart.

If I were the President of the United States, I would actually institute a White Mercy Day, in which the entire Country thankfully recognises the astonishing kindness showed to the Redskins. Never, before the White Man, had the world seen a clash of civilisations (of which only one advanced) in which the savages got reservations, and tax breaks, and casinos, and in many cases not even the need to work for a living, just for being a bunch of savages and losers; and then get to play victim until the end of times.

Travel to Italy and ask for the Etruscan Reservations. See what you find.







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  1. What a tragic debacle. Truly a clash of Civilization with Utter Squalor and Depravity and Collosal Stupidity. One celebrity savage of the XX chromosome complement offered, on Twitter”, to “blow anyone who would punch the Covington student in the face”.
    Come, Lord Jesus!
    PS: there is no picture to accompany this post, M. I’ll try a laptop to view.

  2. It would not surprise me if this Redman is weurl’s replacement.

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    The young student, although not yet a man, behaved admirably in a calm and Catholic way. He is still being disparaged and attacked, in spite of the facts being made known. The American Indian scumbag claimed he was a Vietnam war veteran, but he did not serve in the war.
    Mundabor, you’re right about Catholics (and conservatives) being held to perfection from the left and that people should not accept the racist labels being thrown at them. Thank God for President Trump.

  4. Congratulations to the young Catholic man. His behaviour was impeccable.

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