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Illegality Profiteers

The illegal immigrant centre in Castelnuovo di Porto, near Rome, is now closing. “Home” to 535 illegals, it will shut down completely. The illegals will be moved elsewhere. It is reasonable to assume that the move reflects a general trend: the curbing of the illegals’ business, a very lucrative one as Matteo Salvini himself points out.

Let us see who is crying: the Italian bishops through their newspaper. The horrible un-Catholic magazine which will not be given a link in this blog post. The fake “chariteees” getting fat with the business of illegal immigration.

The very same obscene magazine I do not link to gives you the scale of the cake: the removal of the 535 will cost up to 120 jobs.

Let that sink in.

Every around 4.5 illegals give one taxpayer funded jobs for these damn “chariteeees”, often linked to the diocese in some way or other. An immense source of funding and business. A bonanza for homosexual priests and their predatory friends to do some “charitable” abuse to people who will be too afraid to talk. A sure guarantee of the criminal behaviour being played down and swept under the carpet, lest the business suffers.

This “chariteee” stuff is a very dark part of the Western economies, Italy clearly not excepted; an obvious source of scrounging and corruption polluting the Country under the disguise of “doing good”, as it slowly ruins the entire fabric of the Country (besides costing an awful lot of money) for the benefit of a restricted group of profiteers and their homosexual protectors.

Matteo Salvini is a great man not only because he does what is right, but because he exposes the big business behind it, a business in which the church in Italy has deep interests.

In how many Countries is this going on? How much money is made out of sheer criminal behaviour? How much of if lands in the vicinity of our “progressive” bishops and their “nighty-night” friends?

I hope that enquiring minds will soon know.

This business of illegality has done enough damage already.


Vecchio Malvissuto

Ugly Old Redskin strikes again. It is now confirmed that, together with like-minded retards, he tried to disrupt a Catholic Mass in Washington, D.C.

This is, mind, the same guy who wanted to be received by Frankie.

In the meantime, more details about the wasted life of this sad individual emerge: no veteran and, apparently, no stranger to jail time, either.

The guy is perfectly representative of much of the left nowadays and, not unlikely, of much of the left of all times: losers, scroungers, lazy asses, and all sorts of cretins who never contributed to society and now play victim; claiming that they belong to the “marginalised”, and refusing to acknowledge the obvious fact that they have marginalised themselves.

These people will readily find company: from the “gender studies” woman with a master, $130,000 of debts from which she cannot escape with bankruptcy anymore, and with a brilliant career prospective as Latte Artist at Starbucks, to the pothead who never wanted to learn a useful job, to the spoiled middle class kids who allowed themselves to be brainwashed with tales of “white privilege”, and many others.

Like Ugly Old Redskin, all these people look for a way to feel good with themselves as they seek excuses for their more or less wasted – and faithless – existence. They will play their drum in your face, claiming that there is something like a right to kill an unborn baby in the womb; something so instinctively atrocious that only a godless society can conceive it.

These people are their own religion. They will drum in your face their demand that you worship them at the altar of themselves.

Ugly Old Redskin was prevented from disrupting the Mass; which, methinks, would have procured him his rumoured fourth stretch as inmate. But he still keeps harassing everyone with his victim complex, awaiting from us that we apologise with him for the fact that he is a useless waste of space.

Alessandro Manzoni depicts in his wonderful novel an old man just like that. He calls him vecchio malvissuto, “ill-lived old man”. Quite.

Beware of old wolves in victim’s clothes.

Particularly when they cry “minoriteeee ”


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