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The Problem at the Root of Homosexual Clergy

The news has reached yours truly that the Vatican has apparently decided to create “task forces” (sounds good, doesn’t?) to protect minors.

It is already atrocious enough that the Church should create “task forces” to protect minors from…. Her own priests.

What is worse, though, is that this shows the total unwillingness of those in charge to understand the root causes of all problem: homosexuality and its accompanying evil, sodomy.

The real issue is, and it has always been, not the protection of the youth from predatory priests, but the protection of the Church Herself from homosexual priests.

This is clear enough to everyone who has eyes to see. Rather predictably, it is also not really the priority of those who would suffer first from the spring cleaning that has now become indispensable. It would be like the turkeys working to restore Thanksgiving.

This rotten hierarchy will not do anything meaningfrgyul to address the crimes of homosexual priests. They will also not do anything at all to address the problem of homosexuality in the Clergy. What they will do is announce some cosmetic initiative as they go on with their “nighty-night” tweets and Francis-protected Vatican homo orgies.

The solution will come when…. Our Lord has decreed that it should; that is, when He has decreed that the immense, unprecedented rebellion of V II has caused enough problems to those who have started it and, as it is only fitting, to their own children; or, to put it in difference terms, when we have finally been considered worthy of a decent clergy and hierarchy, instead of the bunch of effeminate sodomite, sexual predators and nutty social justice warriors we have called on ourselves and abundantly deserves.

Still, the problem is one and it is very simple: a homosexual and sodomitic mafia has taken (humanly speaking) control of the Church. They will keep it until it pleases the Lord to not allow this anymore. They will also ravage the Church, so that those who betrayed her get to experience the result of their rebellious fantasies on their skin and on the skin of their children. I do not know you, but it all seems so linear to me.

Rebel to God and His Church, get perverted priests and bishops, and a Pope just as bad as them.


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