Evil Francis Not Really Fazed By Paedophilia

We should not have too many hopes about the upcoming homopaedo exercise, says the Evil Clown. Paedos will always be there, you know.

What an evil, evil man.

He never says the same about poverty, or war, or walls. Poverty is our fault, paedo priests are no-one’s.

And if he had at least said that he will do anything that is in his power as long as he breathes, that he is shocked and saddened and does not sleep at night thinking of this terrible evil within the Church, his words, if still wrong, would have had a different nuance.

But no. What Francis is saying is, in very thinly veiled words, ” I am pretending I am doing something merely because I have to; PR and all that, you know; so please let us be done with this fast, and kindly don’t bother me with this stuff again”.

Seriously, if the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons, Francis ‘ parents must have been such that it is not fitting to describe them in a Cathlic blog.


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  1. The evidence against Francis just keeps piling up–the better to have it noticed.

  2. He made a grandstand of preventing the USCCB meeting from accomplishing anything, stopping it in it’s tracks just as it gets to the point where something might be accomplished. The idea is that this all will be addressed in February, we’ve got to hold out for February. This February meeting has been touted for what, a year? Oh boy, can’t wait for February.
    Then, just before February, the bar is brought right down to the level of an ant’s ear, and now we find out, don’t hold out any hope for February, people expect too much.
    Well the joke’s on us if we expect anything at all to come out of the February meeting, or anything else with him because he’s ok with pederasty, seminarian seducing and raping and all the rest. Homosexual clergy? No problem. It is way past time for Catholics to comprehend and accept, this church is lousy with homosexuals all the way up to the top, and in fact, they are the pets of this pope, and they are probably biding their time until they can say homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality in God’s eyes, and we are lacking in mercy and compassion for thinking it should be any other way.

  3. The God of Mercy is readily available for pedophiles while the God of Justice is prevalent for anyone who values tradition. There is no God of surprises.

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