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The Least Christian, The Better: Francis’ Recipe for Self-Poisoning.

The Unholy Father has given, during the latest Plane Show, another example of hiscutter enmity to the West.

The lewd individual praised Sweden’s moratorium on immigration. It is prudent, he says , to stop importing people from strange Countries and with the wrong religion, at least for a while. When the burning of cars has gone down a bit and the population starts thinking “it’s not quite as bad now as the worst we have seen in the past”, then the next wave of purely economic migrants, criminals, scroungers, and who knows how many future self-exploding nutcases can be taken in.

I have two lessons for Francis, though he is too evil to acknowledge them.

First: if you import people from shithole countries, your country becomes a shithole, too.

Second: Islam does not conceive or countenance integration whenever the strength is there to impose sharia law.

Francis’ recipe is like self-poisoning in instalments. He clearly likes it. “The least Christian, the better” is the unofficial motto of this papacy.

Think of this: when even those cuckolds in Sweden start to understand that they have gone far too far, Francis encourages them to keep destroying their Country after a “prudent” pause.


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