Patriots: Never Tire Of Winning

And so they did it again. Largely identified with Trump and therefore hated and branded, predictably, “racist”, the Patriots have shown the entire planet what a MAGA supporter looks like.

We should take them as an example. Brady is 41 and both he and Belichick marched yesterday towards their sixth (let that sink in) Superbowl. Talent coupled with professionalism and ice cold determination.

Make NFL great again.

I don’t care much for Football and find the NFL as an organisation despicable, but yesterday night I stayed up because…. MAGA. I wasn’t disappointed.

Never tire of winning. Let all the accusations of xxxxphobia make you even more determined to fight for truth, decency and sanity.

Know that your side has already won in heaven, and make of it a further motivation to win here on earth.


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  1. Interesting contrast between the last 53 years of Superbowl (Big Winner) vs the last 53 years of the Catholic Church (Big Loser). Someone should write a commentary on this fairly obvious observation. For many football is their religion, the stadium their church. Professional football knows their customers, their business and how to turn into profit. The Catholic Church understands none of this turning their paltry and misplaced efforts into losses of souls. Where is Pope Bill Belichick and Cardinal Tom Brady?

  2. I didn’t know the Patriots are Trump fans overall. I was looking for Greg Zuerlein of the Rams who had an interview published recently in The National Catholic Register about how his goal is to get his wife and children to heaven.
    Would you please comment on Francis’ latest address to the Rota? He seems to be screwing up again on what it takes to make a valid marriage.

  3. Sorta like Francis and insults.

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