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About the Evil that God Allows

Frankie has done it again.

In his boundless desire to spit in the face of Catholicism he has signed, together with some Mohammedan, a declaration stating that God “willed” a plurality of religions.

You see where this is going: the usual stuff of “we are all so wonderful in our own, unique, God-willed way, so there is no need to convert anyone”.

If Francis were Catholic, he would know the fundamental difference between what God wills and what God allows. God always allows something that is wrong in order that, in some way at times not intelligible to us, some good may come of it.

A young woman is raped. Did God will it? Not in the sense that he wanted it. However, he certainly allowed it to happen. Is rape therefore something good? Certainly not.

Heresy causes great saints. An unjust war of aggression causes an awful lot of prayer. Francis causes some people to really discover Catholicism. Obama causes Trump. Rape causes… Santa Maria Goretti!

All of these things are, undoubtedly, evil. However, Providence arranges the world in such a way that even the evil God allows mysteriously, but invariably, works for the triumph of what is good.

If one does not understand this basic concepts, Christianity has no meaning to him. In his mind everything is then allowed and even good, because everything was willed by God. From fornication to cocaine and from abortion to sodomy, everything is sanctioned and cleansed of any stigma. Hey, it is God-willed…

Francis either does not understand Christianity or, much more likely, hates it.

The key to understanding this Pontificate lies in the correct perception of the hate of this man against everything that is good and holy.


Understanding Francis

Let us imagine you are a Commie and, incidentally, the Pope. One of the things you will do (besides being crass, vulgar and arrogant all the time, as befits an old resentful commie) is hating the rich. This even if, as the Pope, you now qualify as a Billionaire, even if with a couple of asterisks attached.

You are, we have just said, old, arrogant, vulgar and generally insufferable (this has to be, in a Commie Pope). This means you will deform the message of Christ at will in order to satisfy your hatred for the rich. It has to be so, because a commie Pope really can’t do it anything differently.

And so it can come to pass that said Pope travels to the UAE and conveniently forgets the “in spirit” part from the beatitudes. Blessed are the poor. That’s it.

Now, the man hates the rich, although with usual coherence he does not disdain the company of some Jet- owning individuals. He needs to appraise his audience of the fact. Therefore, he points out that many of the UAE Christians present at the usual open air mass are domestic workers of local rich people. Note here: the problem with the employers of said domestic workers is not that they are – as many of them will be – Muslims.


It is that they are rich.

Understand the man, please. He is a communist. Social hatred devours him. He does not believe in God, at all. What will he care if a man dies a Muslim? But that the man lives as a rich man, this is the problem.

All very much to be expected in a communist devoured by social hatred. I was not surprised at all by his latest, homemade commie doctrine. Once you understand Communism, social envy, and social hatred, Francis will be an open book to you.

What grates me is that countless Catholic publications will now try to give the words of an old commie a varnish of Catholicism, instead of admitting that the man just does not care a straw for Catholicism.


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