Time To Act On The Wall



The 15 February is rapidly approaching and I am fearing that Trump will find, well, some excuse to dilly-dally again.

Wonderful President that he has been until now, on the wall he is running out of excuses pretty fast. It is pretty clear that not only he has the power to declare an emergency to build the wall, but actually he could (at least until the money lasts) start building the wall without declaring any emergency. There are simply no excuses not to act.

I seem to understand what Trump has been trying to do.

  1. He wants to send a message that he has tried all, but truly all, to make the Democrats reason, and he wants to expose them as enemies of the American people. This is possibly working, but at a price.
  2. He is not disinclined to bring the phase of the ferocious confrontation nearer the 2020 election. This is, I think, unwise.
  3. He wants to bend the Democrats to accept a compromise that he would be able to claim as a victory. This will, I think it is clear enough by now, never happen.

However, there are limits to how this can be made to work, and honestly I think it has not worked already. If he had declared the state of emergency in 2017, or at the very least after the compromise on the Omnibus, the wall would now be fairly advanced, with drone cameras able to make video ads for all of the campaign 2020. He might have been able to do (even) better in 2018, too. Yes, he would have been seen as “partisan”. Screw that. He was seen as partisan enough in 2016, without the bonus of being the sitting president, and see what he has accomplished from that much more difficult position.

Further shutdowns will not help him. A president that provokes another shutdown to obtain something for which he does not need any shutdown only damages himself. He needs to act and do what he has the power to do, taking all the responsibility as the Commander in Chief and the one responsible for the security of the American people.

Will he do it? We shall see. After two years of awaiting decisive action, I can’t be very optimistic on this.


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  1. Trump immediately should start building the wall. He has nothing to lose. If the Democrats get the Courts to stop him he can go against the courts or wait for a decision. Either way he is doing what his supporters want. Politically I don’t see how he can be harmed more than he already is.

  2. Veteran Brian Kolpage’s ‘Go Fund Me’ on FaceBook has raised over 18 million dollars and they have a long list of people willing to start with surveys of people whose land abuts the border and many other big names on the list. I don’t know why it hasn’t been started. The money is still pouring in from ‘We the People’

  3. I think he will. He’s no talker, he’s a doer, and he knows this is Promise #1 and he has to come through, and he himself wants it. He can do a million other good things, but if he doesn’t deliver this, his presidency will have a big, black cloud over it and nobody will let him forget. The Dems realize it too which is one reason they will never relent on it. They want to deny him the win. They of course also want to fill the US with Democrat voters and Central and South America has nothing but, since the Democrats went Socialist.
    This is a slow-walking nightmare, frankly. Obama let our nation fill up with not just Central and South Americans, but Somalians, a much more worrisome population with a completely different ideology. These people we assume came in legally, so it is not just the wall we need, we need what we’ll never get, a change in policy that recognizes you bring in Islam in sufficient numbers and you are guaranteed a certain negative outcome sooner or later.
    We need a wall and immigration reform, but are our people intelligent enough to see the obvious dangers coming down the road, or are we just a bunch of brainless PC zombies, waiting for Oprah or Ocasio the Imbecile to tell us what to think.

    • My great fear is that he thinks he can ride in 2020 on the wall and be carried by his other achievements for his first term (strong economy, tax reform, Paris agreement, NAFTA reform and all the rest). I am pretty sure the fifth columns inside (Jaranka in primis) say to him just that every day.
      We shall see. He certainly need to make a move now.

  4. Pegon Zellschmidt

    Take the 14B that was confiscated from El Chapo, build the wall. “I said, ‘a Mexican would pay for it’, not Mexico.”

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