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Homo Bait

A book is about to be published, making rather fantastic allegations like the one that up to 80% of the Vatican priests are inverted, besides throwing mud on Benedict.

The book is written by a homosexual.

I wonder how naive one must be in order to fail to understand that homosexuals will always exaggerate their number with normal people, in order to give a varnish of “normality” to their condition. Also, the clear desire of these people to attract attention on themselves puts an end to any hypothesis that the man might, on an argument that so much titillates the public curiosity, keep a semblance of correct reporting.

Let me give you the lowdown on this:

Every homosexual in the priesthood is one too much.

Do not give any help to the marketing of this rubbish. Do not even mention the title of the book or the name of its author, so that it gets automatically ignored by search engines.

We have no need for inverted people telling us that there are inverted priest, whilst behaving like every other inverted.


Lock Him Up!

Sodomite TV actor of, I am told, some “celebrity” has finally been exposed as having staged a fake attack against his own perverted self.

Lock him up, says I. However, it is very likely that the individual in question will get away with it, and will possibly try to raise further capital from his criminal offence (you know, “raise awareness” and all that).

Had it happened on the other side, the cries for the lynching of the culprit would be deafening.

Mr Smollett is not only a sodomite; he is Black, too. Basically, he is the Panda, twice. I really doubt he will be made an example.

It is funny to note that it might be that the fake news were staged in order to prevent Mr Smollett from being kicked out of the show that made him (I am told) famous.

He clearly wanted to be the Panda, thrice.

Mr Smollett’s likely impunity means that all sorts of leftist nutcases, more or less perverted, will keep feeling free to stage attack from people who support Trump; and let only one case be true, thirty hoaxes will be forgiven.

Lock him up.

There should be no place on the streets for people who incite to civil strife, causing an awful lot of expenses in the meantime.


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