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Francis’ Downfall And God’s Sense Of Humour

As the latest charade of the Evil Clown on the crimes of his protegees is about to begin, the Washington Post publishes the story of the Provolo Institute.

I have already written in detail the shocking story of this institution, and I invite you to use a search engine – or the search function of this blog – to locate it. The story in itself is not new, neither is the fact that it appears clear that Francis knew, or refused to know, about what was happening and did nothing.

What is new is the fact that even a symphatising publication like WaPo breaks ranks with the leftist establishment and publishes the most abrasive – albeit very softly worded – indictment of the hypocritical behaviour of the Evil Clown even as his fake exercise is about to begin. This is a blow straight to the sternum of the Pope.

The brutal truth is that Francis is not only a heretic who hates Catholics (WaPo is very fine with this), but one who has clearly protected paedos in his function as Pope. This, the world cannot, and will not, forgive, “humble Pope” or not.

Now, don’t get me wrong: Francis’ protection of the criminal behaviour of perverted priests is as bad in my book as it is in the world’s. But in my book, heresy is even worse; something which the secular minds of the Washington Post would very possibly be unable to grasp even after several hours of great effort.

The bottom line? Francis is going down, fast and hard. The more he lives, the more he will be compromised, then it is clear by now that his collection of skeletons must be quite remarkable. However, he will not go down for raping the Church, about which the world, the Cardinals and the Bishops, almost to a man, do not care. He will go down for displeasing the world instead.

Everyone who thinks God does not have the most divinely refined sense of humour is simply not paying attention.


Bye Bye, Shamima.

Some year ago, a very dumb UK citizen, the 15 year old Shamima Begum, decided that the smart thing to do was to leave the UK and join the ISIS together with other two 15 years old girls just as dumb as herself.

Fast forward four years: one of the dumb girls was killed, and our own dumb girl was married to a chap currently wanted by the Dutch for terror activities.

Girl, around 19 in the meantime and with a child, decides that she has had enough of, erm, warm climates. She therefore asks to come back to the UK, where her and the little bastard will be able to scrounge an existence at the expense of the taxpayers of that same Country to which ISIS declared war. This she does for the good of the child, she says. Very strange, this: that it be good for a child to grow in the same society the likes of Shamima wanted to destroy.

Sadly for the aspiring scrounger, it seem that it will not happen that way. Not only the request has been refused, but the young idiot is being deprived of the UK citizenship as she also has a Bangladeshi one (oh, the miracles of diversity and inclusion, integrating and fostering loyalty in people of such diverse background!)

What is most remarkable in this is that the anger against the young woman does not centre around her betraying her fatherland, but about her refusal (I told you she is dumb) to state that she regrets going away to join ISIS in some capacity or other (and be it: “disposable uterus”). I deduct from this that, had the woman not been so irredeemably dumb, she might have had a shot at coming back, with the young ISIS bastard in tow, proceeding to scrounge from those she hates for the rest of her, no doubt, miserable existence at the cost of some words for the enjoyment of the bleeding hearts of the Realm.

I remember reading that the British actively terminate the UK male citizens who moved to ISIS-controlled territories whenever they can. Ms Shamima Begum is, therefore, lucky to be the carrier of a uterus. This is sexist, you might say; but hey, it’s the way of the world.

Enjoy life, Shamima.

It’s the bed you made. I hope you will find it every little bit as halal as I hope it will be.


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