Daily Archives: February 22, 2019

Francis’ Middle Finger

Some people were, actually, surprised that Francis appointed Cardinal Farrell, Roommate In Chief, as Camerlengo.

I wasn’t and, if you know Francis a little, neither should you.

What Francis is doing is, very simply, giving the middle finger to everybody: the Catholics out there, the press, the sane clergy that has remained, literally everybody.

The man is obviously extremely crossed that even his traditional favourite, the secular press, is looking at him in a way that does not even remotely resemble the fawning and plate licking we have seen in recent years. The magic is gone, and the Pope is suspected of protecting paedos right and left.

Spiteful and vengeful as he is, the old, lewd man does the only thing he knows how to do: has an angry reaction that shows his opponents how much he despises them.

Farrell’s appointment is a huge F U to all of us and all of them. It is Francis’ way to tell everybody where to go. It is nothing to do with the role of the Camerlengo or with Francis’ intention of how the Vatican is to be run between his death and the choice of his successor. It is simply Francis being his old stupid, childish, vulgar, spiteful, revenfeful self.

Let’s hope the Camerlengo has a lot to do very soon. This old cretin has really crossed all possible lines, and keeps looking for new ones.


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