Daily Archives: February 27, 2019

How The Frauds Have Fallen!

Father Rosica, the pro homo guy known for persecuting poor bloggers and thinking that a Pope can do what he wants with doctrine, has (had to) resign from a number of offices after a remarkable career as a plagiarist was revealed.

His fall was rapid, and not unexpected. Also unsurprisingly, the man tried to blame other people for several decades of intellectual theft. Oh, these pesky trainees! You turn your back one second to go buy some salt and they build you an entire career on plagiarism, for decades!

I honestly think Father Rosica has, at some point, persuaded himself that he is homosexual, thus believing himself sufficiently protected inside and outside of the Vatican. Salty, uh?

Something went wrong in this mental process. I do not know exactly what, but hey….

I rejoice with Vox Cantoris and hope he and his wife have enjoyed their bottle of bubbly to the last drop. Visit his excellent blog extra for the occasion. The man fought for all of us. He has richly deserved his bubbly.

As for myself, I will wait for the fall of Father Martina, or however that tool is called.


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