The Ultimate Sacrilege: Yuca-rist

With alarm I have read that the Evil Clown might be planning to pull another blasphemous, sacrilegious, heretical stunt and “allow” (rather: try to invent) a communion wafer made out of the Yuca plant for the joy of some indigenous population in some remote forest.

This obvious act of sacrilege and complete negation of the very basics of Christian thinking shows, if the rumours are true, the monstrous attitude of a monstrous Pope, to whom everything in Catholicism must be remade in the name of worldly values.

The Monstrous Pope clearly does not believe in God and in an immutable Truth, as his stunts on the Capital Punishment and the infidels’ religions “willed by God” clearly show. Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred, nothing is actually worth anything unless if can be put at the service of some earthly goal like his stupid ideas aboug social justice, equality, the environment etc.

Francis wants to die leaving as his legacy a huge “eff you” to the whole of Catholicism, and as he clearly does not believe in God it is obvious he is also not worried about what will happen to him if he dies unrepentant. He is now clearly bent on creating his own monument, consisting of a small, humble Francis around his huge, huge, stretched middle finger.

Even if the news were to prove untrue, the very fact that such an idea does not seem to anyone beyond the pale for a guy like Francis tells you everything you need to know about the crisis we are living.

A monstrous man sits on the sea of Peter. This is what must happen in the end when the Church decides it is time for an “aggiornamento” .

True or not, pray that a monstrous papacy like this one ends soon. It is bad enough what he has already done, and it will take a long time to repair everything when the man is gone. But let us hope the the list of the blasphemies does not get much longer.


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  1. All religions are the same, all people’s are the same, thus we need no gods and we need no sovereign countries. God created us all equally with no differentiation and with total liberty ‘love is love’. If that is the case, how did this moron become a ruler? By definition there should be no such thing in his ideal world of surprises. The Pope suffers from the trio of the major concupiscence of flesh, eyes and pride. With such a weak mind, he is revolutionizing the one institution from one that should be fighting the good fight but into a pro-revolution entity. The resistence thus far has been primarily inertia. That must change.

  2. Vatican City–March 7, 2019
    Reports are circulating among the curial senate of a most ominous nature.
    Caesar Bergaglio was advancing his troops, preparing to cross the Rubicon.
    In Rome and throughout the empire, citizens of the Church Militant were up in arms.
    Would Caesar Bergaglio approve a new religion entirely? One with an invalid Eucharist!?
    Would this invalidate Masses where “yucarist” was given in place of the true Source of Grace offered to mankind though the Bread of Life consecrated in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?
    Would this mark him as an obvious apostate? Would his curia vote him thumbs up or down…?
    Caesar Bergaglio chuckled as the curial senate and actual Catholic theologians around the world debated whether the humble yuca root would be the undoing of the papacy.
    After all, his lack of belief in the Real Presence of Christ was so obvious. He did not hide his disdainful attitude, holding clown & tango masses in Argentina, refusing ever to kneel before the monstrance containing the Sacred Host.
    Odd how his knees only bent to political purpose on Maundy Thursday…
    Caesar laughed aloud to see the post-modern mayhem he had unleashed. What next…while they squirm, why not go for an early goal they might swallow: women deacons, then women priests? After all, what happens in the Amazon won’t stay in the Amazon.
    Heck, sooner or later, let’s go for it all, Caesar surmised. Friends of Francis will surely crown me as a god.
    “Advance, advance,” he ordered his troops. And so they advanced across the Rubicon, the point of no return for the Dictator Pope…and the rest is history to be written by us with Our Lord and Savior Whose Church belongs to Him.

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