Old Bastards

I was informed today that , I think, not-anymore-Cardinal McCarrick is very frail now, and going often to confession.

Question: why is he not in jail?

You can have your confession in jail, too; and I am absolutely sure that a man who is so contrite would want – nay: demand! – to atone in a very public way for his horrible sins; particularly considering that his alleged sudden recovery of Christian feeling and attitude was precipitated not by his conversion, but by his exposure.

The time for sniffing after we are told that another bastard is frail is gone. May McCarrick save his soul if he can – I doubt it just as much as I doubt his conversion – , but I for one will not give the man one centimetre.

Goes for Francis and the others, too….



Yep, I have found the title for this blog post.


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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, you have a wonderful way with words. McCarrick’s “conversion” is very fishy.

  2. They symbolically threw him under the homoarch bus. Just as we treated the National Socialist war criminals with such sensitivity at Nuremburg, we must treat this mitered monster, homopredator and sodorapist with compassion. The search for much of the National Socialist stolen gold has so far been fruitless; perhaps we wil lhave more luck with the billions he and his coconspirator bishops and cardinals have stolen from us. Guy McClung, Texas
    ps-PLEASE try to use “National Socialist” instead of Nazi to make clear what the current day US Democratic Socialists are all about.

  3. Misplaced compassion is a disorder. We would be much healthier as a people if we could properly sort that issue out and hold people really accountable and not quickly let go of wrongdoing. Certainly not after they’ve been merely busted.

  4. Well said, Kate. If he had followed the way of truth as God had ordained him to do, he would be saved. God has given him everything so he could serve Him and be with Him in paradise. He’s willingly betrayed and nobody even God forcing him to choose.

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