Six Years Ago

Six years ago, the Evil Clown appeared on the balcony in St Peter and gave us the first example, or at least the first hint, of the superficiality and stupidity which would be – together with the outright heresy and socialist propaganda which were revealed later – the mark of this most disgraceful Pontificate.

The disgrace, however, has also had some positive effect.

Pollyannism has substantially died. At this point, only the enemies of the Church pretend that Francis is a decent pope, or guy.

The horror of V II is revealing itself to a growing number of people, as they realise that the whirlwind of Francis’ Pontificate is the result of the wind sowed with the aggiornamento.

The Creepy Pope has freed many – particularly, I think, in the Anglo-Saxon world – of the creepy Clericalism and embarrassing Papolatry many of them were exhibiting in the years of the oohhh soooo saintly JP II and B XVI, both Popes who have accompanied the Church along a slippery slope of world-pleasing peace rhetoric and creepy religious indifferentism as they presided over loss of power and influence the world over, but looking oh so meek in the process.

We even had some theological advancement, as Francis has clearly shown the opinion of those theologians who maintained that canonisations are not infallible as the only reasonable one.

God always uses evil to cause some good. There is no doubt that we live in the time of the Evil Pope. But then again we have lived in the times of the Sellout Popes for decades with not many people protesting, so this here is the medicine both necessary and deserved.

In time, God, who adjusts everything, will adjust this mess, too. Our duty is simple: let us live and die so that we can be able to say, on our deathbed, tradidi quod et accepi, and let us collaborate with God’s grace so that we can, one day, receive the grace of final repentance. No evil Pope can prevent us from doing this, and be him a socialist, godless scoundrel like the Evil Argentinian.

On this disgraceful anniversary, relax and pray your rosary.

Francis can do nothing that God does not allow him to do, so that the glory of the Church may be, one day, restored and even more resplendent.


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  1. Bravo. If only I could just dismiss the anger I feel whenever the merciful one speaks.

  2. PF has forced Catholics to revisit the Catechism of Pope Pius X, the Council of Trent, the works of St. Alphonsus Liguori, the sermons of St. John Vianney, the writings of St. Francis de Sales, etc., to understand what the Church has taught for centuries. This is good. Too many Catholics have become complacent and lazy, just waiting for Father to give them a good sermon on Sunday and to go away without thinking.

  3. We are learning to sustain ourselves without a Church, pretty much. Astounding.
    We accept, he’ll be there til he’s not there, and they’ll put in another one just like him.
    But we’ve learned we can get along without him, without them. Can they, get along without us. Time will tell.

  4. You know, I do get some satisfaction out of distrusting bergoglio right from the beginning. I was at lunch with my atheist mother shortly after he became Pope and I said “there’s something wrong with him” and she said “I like him” and I replied “that’s the problem, you should hate him, when the atheist and secularist like the pope there’s something wrong with the Pope”
    That’s the only satisfaction I get out of his reign

  5. March 13, 2013, is, in my opinion, another day of infamy like Dec. 7, 1941, and Sept. 11, 2001; but rather than the destruction of bodies and material, Francis’ evil influence upon the naive will lead to the loss of many souls which is much worse. Those with strong faith will become more determined, but it’s the younger generation who are poorly catechized and, also, the lukewarm who are easily led, that I worry about the most. I do pray for an end to this disaster of a pope. Lord have mercy on us all.

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