Another One Bites The Dust: Cardinal Danneels Finally Stretches His Paws*.

Good news from Belgium.

We are informed that one of the worst scoundrels infesting the Church – the gay-promoting, church-hating, conclave-plotting, St Gallen-mafia-member Cardinal Danneels – has finally kicked the bucket and, as they say, met his Maker.

The air is now, it seems to me, cleaner and full of a fragrance that promises Spring.

As to really meeting his Maker, I doubt that the Cardinal had any chance of that, it being far more likely that he was simply instantly plunged in some very deep, freshly digged, extremely stinking pit in hell; very possibly in the company of a bunch of very, very horny, extremely bitchy, screeching homosexual priests.

Mind: I do not wish the man damnation. However, I reflect that in order to avoid hell he would have had to become one of ours just before death, after being for decades the very epitome of the obdurate scoundrel stinking of Reprobation from three thousand miles away. Therefore, you can guess his chances of salvation with some accuracy, that is: zero plus a huge miracle of mercy.

I honestly do not give a Danneels one way or the other: Thy will be done. His will was most certainly done when a bill possibly as substantial as the US Federal Debt was presented to the creepy, pervy guy. However it went, we rejoice at knowing that God’s will has, once again, unavoidably triumphed.

Still, the air smell purer today, as if freed from a big polluting agent.

We await now the summoning of the Evil Clown to his, no doubt, terrible judgment. I wonder how he reacted at this clear message that the clock is ticking furiously for him, too….

I can’t avoid thinking Francis will land in the basement of Danneels new living quarters, but this is just me….

Pray for the scoundrel, if you have the stomach.

Your prayer will, in case, applied to a less scoundrelly soul.


* saucy Italian expression…

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  1. Oh, how positively politically incorrect. Let me fall on my fainting couch with a grand show!

  2. More will go. It’s a God’s cleaning up time and a harvest time for Satan. Those traitorous high hierarchies have been insultingly thrown back all the wisdom gifts into God’s face. God never creates people and giving all the knowledges of truth to die in hell. Cardinal Danneels and his gang have betrayed their roles that to bear witness of the light, that all men through them may believe; instead they bring the darkness to the world and trying to destroy the only true salvation of Christ’s Church. May God forgive me since I’m convinced that Danneels is so diabolic, demonic, total evil possessed person or Satan’s disciple, high priest who was willing to drag more souls with him to hell. Some one has said that, ” The worst punishment from God that is simply God withholding the grace of conversion from the sinner.” By the way God has mercy to give them more time to repent.

  3. It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for Belgium?

  4. Thanks for this, M: good to have you speaking so forcefully against the media whinings about a “great man of dialogue” and all the usual bs! I forced myself to pray for the man, to be sure. But as a Belgian I must say his disappearance from the scene is a relief.
    His minions still run the show though here in Belgium where everything’s rotten much beyond Shakespeare’s Danemark, but eh, there’s no way we can just sit there and sulk when we eventually get some relief from above ^^

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