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Stupid Is Who Stupid Does

I stumbled upon this Remnant article about the so-called Dalai Lama and was surprised at being in rather strident disagreement with the author of the article, something extremely rare for me in a Remnant contribution.

The problem I have is not in the fact that the author recognises the “new religion” of Global Warming & Co. in the so-called Dalai Lama. This is absolutely correct and in point. The problem I see is in the failure to strongly condemn the Dalai Lama as a phony, a failure, a fraud and a hypocrite.

We have a guy here who allegedly calls himself a Marxist (pretty much like Francis, though even Francis is less dumb) and thinks that Global Warming is pretty much the most pressing problem of the planet (again, it reminds me of another phony, failure, fraud and hypocrite, though also in this case slightly less dumb; but then again the Dalai Lama does not have to contend with thousands of bloggers warning their coreligionists from a guy no one seems to believe in anyway).

These are people who have, evidently, completely lost any faith they ever had, betraying in the process whatever faith their predecessors maintained (the right or wrong one, as the case may be) for the sake of the applause of the world. Hey, when you’re an atheist, what do you care? Enjoy the party for as long as it lasts, and try to ease the pang of your own hypocrisy by condemning the very organisation that put you on top of it.

A religious leader without faith, and only able to parrot what the world itself says, is a total fraud and the most atrocious hypocrite. We as Catholics recognise this, and say it out loud, even in our own alleged spiritual leader, who – however unworthily – still sits at the top of our organisation. The more prompt we should be in denouncing the phoniness of people who, besides being phony themselves, represent a phony creed anyway. 

I have no patience for such delicacies. I say “so-called” Dalai Lama exactly as I say “so-called” Church of England. And I denounce his phoniness just as I denounce Francis’ heresies, so that my interlocutors are aware of what really counts in the end: the truth we have received, and must transmit intact to the following generations, waiting for the end of the Age of Insanity and the Return of the Decent Popes.

We do not give Francis any obedience in everything that is heretical or unorthodox in him. The more so we should strongly warn our interlocutors about these fake saints in saffron robes, or whatever it is that bespectacled cretin wears.

Stupid is who stupid does. His official title, or the position given to him by the world, are irrelevant to us.



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