Nothingburger Now With Nothingcheese and Nothingbacon, plus Nothingfries.

We already knew that the decision of the Mueller Witch Hunt Task Force not to proceed to further indictments was clear evidence that there was no evidence of any collusion. However, we now have it in detail, from the words of the report themselves.

Please stop here for a moment and stay silent.

Do you hear that faint droning in the distance?

This is what millions of crying Libtards sound like.

Obviously, these people are at war with reality. Therefore, they will now start to look for the next way allowing them to dream of impeachment. We should encourage them in their fantasies and give them all the resonance and publicity we can.

Like Alexandria Ocasio-Commie, these people will be key in sweeping the Midwest for Trump in 2020. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome can look good among friends and in the campus, but it is pure poison in the solid, no-nonsense Midwest and Rust Belt states. It will backfire massively.

I see the ghost of McGovern sweeping the Democratic country again. Feel-good extremism leads to defeat. Some Democrat leaders understand this, but they are – at least for now – afraid to go against the Triggered Hordes. It will be extremely fun to watch.

If you have some common sense, you understand that after the end of this witch hunt any further talk of collusion between Trump and Russia is pure ballot box poison, and any talk of impeachment for any other reason whatever reveals the contempt for democracy these sore losers all have.

Let them scream hysterically. Let Maxine Waters be on TV every day. Let AOC teach all the other Democrats that the only good Democrat is a Socialist. Let them all peddle their New Green Deal to the hard working farmers of Iowa, to the factory workers in Michigan, to the miners in West Virginia.

The Nothingburger now has a side of Nothingcheese and Nothingbacon, plus Nothingfries. It has become highly radioactive for Dems to even mention it.

The fun is: they do not get it.


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  1. It’s important for people outside the US to understand that American politicians are controlled by wealthy donors. As soon as a Congressman or Senator gets into office, he has to start, almost immediately, raising money for his next election. No one gets elected today without vast sums of money from rich people. Trump was an exception because he is already rich AND he did not need to buy advertising for his campaign. The nutty liberal media kept on covering him because he’s a great showman. Talk about choosing between Scylla and Charybdis: if you ignore Trump, you don’t get the eyeballs and clicks (therefore money), on the other hand if you keep on talking about him, you give him the airtime he needs to defeat Clinton. The media always chooses money. Note that Twitter, run by liberals, never banned Trump. If you want to cut him off, that’s what you do. But Twitter likes money more than it hates Trump.

    People like AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, and many others – including Republicans – are controlled by wealthy donors, many of whom are billionaires or multi-millionaires. They are used to getting their way because the US is a society that worships one god: money. Many of these very rich people, especially from the coasts, where the money is made these days, are liberals and they feel that they get to shove their ideology down the throats of everyone because . . . they’re rich. Witness the recent FBI indictments of rich parents who cheated to get their children into university – it’s like that now in America: rich people feel entitled to do whatever they feel like, including cheat, lie and steal, to get what they want. It did not use to be like this.

    Hence, when a politician’s rich donors tell him to do X, that’s what he does.

    Why do the politicians keep going after Trump? Because the rich donors can’t stand him and they hate losing, so they tell their puppets in Congress to continue trying to “get” him. In the old days, before politicians won elections without big donors, they had to get elected by average people and they had to work with politicians from the opposing party to get things done. If they failed to get things done, they would be vulnerable to an upstart in the next round of elections.

    You say they are at war with reality. True. Rich people in America are shielded from reality, especially the billionaire class that never even flies commercial. None of the negative effects of their ideology – unlimited immigration, globalism, diversity – falls upon them. It’s the little people who have to bear the burdens of their craziness. The very rich live on a totally different planet from ours. As long as US politicians are puppets of the rich, things will get much worse.

    • I think there is much in what you say, but in my eyes at the root of everything is the culture war: abortion, inverted people, making of the US a South American country.

  2. You could not have said it any better!

  3. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a true hysteria. Fascinating to observe.

    The Left rejects the True God thus it chases chimeras.

  4. No, they don’t get it. But the really sick thing is that these people were outraged that our president was found to be INNOCENT of a very serious, treasonous crime.

    • A world in which Trump is innocent is a world they cannot accept, in which they cannot live. They will keep believing in tales and lose their sanity in the process.

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