Pope Francis Has Church Derangement Syndrome

The video in this Gloria TV article is truly disquieting.

Francis’ refusal to allow anyone to kiss the papal ring is astonishing. It is not a single episode. It is an insisted, serial refusal, right in front of the camera.

You can see the worry in the man’s face as the next person is in front of him and… yes.. want to kiss the ring again!

Seriously: I had to rewind it in order to be sure that it was not a repetition of the same person or of very few people, as my attention was attracted by the face and the gestures of the Evil Clown.

This man does not even have the decency of pretending, every now and then, and for a very short time, to have some respect for Catholicism. He cannot stand it even for a matter of minutes. He is by now so deranged that even a little concession to what Catholics have always done is too much for him.

Francis does not want you to kiss the papal ring because he hates all his predecessors (who have traditionally followed this tradition), the Church (whose authority, not the Pope’s on his own, is the one honoured with the gesture) and Christ Himself (who established the Church on Peter, not Peter on Social Justice).

It clearly does not escape Francis that by kissing the ring, the faithful say: “Not you, but Christ! Christ and the Church in union with Him!”. Francis wants a personality cult. These pesky faithful insist in giving him Catholicism. This is why he basically snaps in front of the Cameras.

It would have been fun to see his reaction if any of the present had explicitly asked to be able to kiss the papal ring. I think people were just not prepared for his behaviour. I hope someone will do it in the future, three feet from a camera.

Church Derangement Syndrome. This is Francis’ problem.

Satan is strong with this one.


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  1. Even more interesting is that the next person in line still tried to kiss his wring. Good for them… and the widow Teland too! We will make him Catholic… himself screaming to the Altar of Christ!!!!!

  2. This symbolic activity just plainly demonstrates the revolutionary mindset of this imposter. O Lord help us in our hour of need. The lack of virtue and the disdain for the Moral Code repeatedly demonstrated by The Authority of the church is disgusting and crys out for a counter revolution by the faithful. Please Lord send us a fearless leader.

  3. Edward Pentin says he always does this, but very strongly on this day. With cameras rolling feet away. It’s not as if he didn’t know that.
    This man is malevolent.
    What he did lacks in all charity and simple human decency. He treated those people as if they had typhoid, it had to be so embarrassing.
    A singular experience they can now claim “I was humiliated by a pope”.

  4. Playing with the ring in Loreto is an example of destroying the memory of the papacy that we knew. Bergoglio destroys not only the institution of the papacy, but also the sentiment associated with it. He turns everything into an absurd – it is a mockery aimed at the Mystical Body of Christ.

  5. “In the midst of all his seeming love for humanity and his glib talk of freedom and equality, he will have one great secret which he will tell to no one: he will not believe in God.” Jorge is the ape of God. In 50 years Bergoglio will be back where he belongs…

  6. Well the Associated Press cleared things up for us. They were kind enough to enlighten everyone that Francis did want want to expose the people to germs.

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