The Orwellian Nightmare Of NuTolerance

Read what a Canadian court could rule and tell me whether this is not the terminal degree of PC insanity.

Facts are now discriminatory.

Biological facts.

Undeniable truths of life.

Many Western Democracies are transforming into oppressive tyrannies, where crimethink is celebrated and considered the very fundament of the “freedom” it is being denied.

This insanity must stop.

Not even Orwell would have imagined such a monstrous deformation of reason to take place in countries holding free elections. But the free elections are of little value if those who dare to even mention facts of life are threatened with ruin or incarceration. Such societies are not free, because they do not allow the free circulation of ideas and opinions. They are merely the prison a number of people have decided they can live with.

The kangaroo courts like this one in Canada must be recognised as the greatest threat to Western democracies.

Will the people wake up? I doubt. In the US, likely yes, as the First Amendment has created an extremely strong – if perennially threatened – environment for free speech.

But in Canada? In Europe? In all those Countries where it is normal for citizen to be told by their “betters” how they can defend themselves, will they be able to resist when the same “betters” tell them how to think? In all those Countries where no constitutional checks and balances exist for a Judiciary and a legislative in cahoots to oppress the people, where are the militias that should defend them from the tyranny of the PC mob?

This cancer needs to be expunged, and Canadian society needs to find within itself the courage to excise it from its body.

Next time you complain about President Trump, spend two seconds thinking what he is doing for the restoration of a proper Judiciary in your Country, and pray for the great man.


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  1. I’ve found from personal experience that most Canadians are very pleasant, easy going and helpful. They don’t seem to have the tension that many American experience. For example, the Windsor, Canada Chrysler workers were much more easy going than those of us in Detroit. Maybe being this way is not such a good idea when it comes to their government.

  2. Trump is the only protective wall between us and the new totalitarianism.

  3. Even in Huxley’s Brave New World there was a sharp gender distinction. I think if there’s one issue that shows how insane the world has gone, it’s the gender issue.

  4. Thanks God for exposing this one. No body can escape this truth revealing time.

  5. Am not a fan of the 1st ammendment since what the godless governments consider “free” speech is all sorts of evils, including pornography. Free speech is not saying whatever you want and every evil under the sun, it’s speaking the facts, the truth and the highest truths which are found in Christ’s Church. Nobody has the “right” to speak a lie. It can be tolerated for the greater good per St. Thomas, but give evil the “right” to be spoken? Nope. Not a good thing.

    We need to get back to Christendom where free speech was actual free speech i.e. the ability and right to speak and defend the truth of Christ and the Natural Law. Yes, lies would be tolerated to a degree but never a right with all it’s privileges and defense.

    God bless~

  6. Maggy, I think it’s safe to say the West will never find it’s way to Christendom where only Christianity is preached. The First Amendment rights are the next best thing, and probably what will keep America from sliding into that particular cultural error. Ultimately freedom of speech will win, until such a terrible day as a Democrat taking the White House, then, we’re all finished. Neither Europe nor Canada has such a right, and not having it is going to make all the difference. When the people are disarmed and muzzled, all they have left is revolution.

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