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The Card-Holding Commie Pope




The news (published first, I am told, in the Chinese version of the Chinese press agency Xinhua, but now also in the English one) that the Communist Chinese Party has offered Francis a membership card, which Francis has accepted, is as shocking as it is, in fact, expected. In a sense, it is not shocking only because we have a shocking Pope.

Pope Francis is now, quite officially, a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

Let that sink in.

Of course, the Vatican was ready to point out that this does not mean that Francis has now converted to Communism. The acceptance, they say, is a gesture of “friendship” towards the Chinese regime, and was made in a spirit of “understanding among people and nations”, even if “differences” remain. I also note that the Vatican press release praises, and I quote,

“the efforts of the Chinese Government to battle poverty and inequality”.

Forget for a moment the PC word, “inequaliteee”. Focus on this: the Vatican praises a Communist regime for being… Communist. I never thought I’d see the day… until 2013, that is.

Well, it is not news that Francis is a bloody Commie, and I am sure many of my readers aren’t really that surprised. What is more alarming (but also in this case, has already been seen: remember the “Commie Crucifix”?) is that Francis’ stunts become more and more outlandish, and are then only thinly veiled with a press release stating “oh, we do this just to be nice”.

Nice, my foot.

Bloody Commie you and they.

And now I’ll stop because the doctor said I should keep an eye on my blood pressure.


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