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50 Years of Satanic Sabotage

The New Mass is 50 years old today.

This obscene, satanic deformation of the Mass is the fruit of the mentality – obscene and satanic itself – that wanted to renew what had always worked so well up to then; as if we were in need of a new Mass like we might like a new car or a new toaster.

50 years later, the results of the sabotage are under everybody’s eyes. The loss of the sacredness of the Mass created a general loss of religious feeling. The childish antics going on now have destroyed the sense of sacredness and – just as important – authority. 50 years later, most Catholics think it normal that they get to decide what is right or wrong of what the Church believes. The sense of sin has gone pretty much entirely away, substituted by the fuzzy feeling of believing that God will forgive them everything and give them an express ticket to heaven because they lurv.

All this mess starts from the sabotage of the Mass, and this in turn originated from the will to sabotage Christ’s Church. Francis is a typical representative of this age, albeit a very evil one. He just hates Catholicism and the Church, which did not prevent him from scrounging from Her all his damn wasted life.

Make no mistake, there was no innocence in this. It was a planned act of sabotage perpetrated by evil men who hated everything the Church is and represents; many of them because homosexuals or actual sodomites, many others because they had lost the Faith, if they ever had it, and felt fine with a comfortable existence on the side of the world and its conformism, errors and prejudices.

The New Mass has to die, and to be remembered only for the atrocious, impious act of rebellion it is.

No surprise that the Pope who signed for this evil has been canonized by the evil forces behind this diabolic movement.


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