Daily Archives: April 8, 2019


The new Apostolic Excrementation on “youf” is out, and I have avoided it studiously.

I might find more Catholicism in Che Guevara’s diary.

I am also informed the stuff is 35000 words long, once again showing that Francis loves to hide his stellar ignorance and boorishness by ordering to his scribes to make his heresies endlessly long.

When I was growing up, my Country was full of giovanilismo, the empty rhetoric about the youth being all that is best in society (and, of course, utter rubbish). The ideology was pushed primarily by the Communist Party, firstly because the young were more leftist and secondly because the rhetoric lent itself well to subversion.

Francis, who is stuck in the Seventies, clearly still thinks in the same way. Youf here, youf there, make a mess, and such stuff.

Ignore the nincompoop. The excrement he produces is involuntarily Catholic on rare occasions, and voluntarily heretical, atheistic, protocommunist and generally subversive of everything that is Christian at all other times.

We ignore this disgraceful Pope, refuse to give him obedience in everything that is not strictly Catholic and – the Cardinals and Bishops being a bunch of cowards – wait that the old, lewd man stretches his paws and goes to his judgment.

Start praying very hard now that Francis might, one day, be seen as the peak of V II decay before a slow and painful, but in the end unavoidable restoration of sanity.


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