Daily Archives: April 9, 2019

Pity The Nincompoop

The appointment of Wilson Gregory to the extremely prestigious and powerful Archdocese of Washington, DC is, I fear, misunderstood.

I have followed the antics of the Evil Clown for more than six years now, and what I can clearly see is that there is no strategy in him, no depth of thought however evil, nothing resembling a brilliant mind.

Arrogance, stupidity and spite. These are the main motivators of Francis’ behaviour.

He is not playing any sort of homo 3d chess. He is not weighing the power of the homo lobby against the ravaging of his Pontificate that very homo lobby has caused. He is not pursuing any sort of complex, long-term strategy.

He is spitting us in the face, pure and simple.

Relentlessly criticised for the powerful homos he has surrounded himself with, an intelligent man would, eve if moved by the wrong intentions, pay attention that he protects the appearances.

Francis is not intelligent, he is stupid and childish. He is not reflective, he is impulsive and vindictive. His penchant for provocations of the sort is his typical way to give you the finger, and he frankly seems to get worse with age.

Pity the nincompoop, burying his disgraceful Pontificate out of his boundless stupidity and childishness. And pity Gregory, too; a man (provided the noun applies to such a one) who might well live long enough to end up defrocked, smashed on the street and forced to beg for his bread, if sanity goes back before he enters the grave.


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