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Meet Benedict, The Armchair Pope.

You really don’t believe this.

The Pope who – as it is abundantly clear by now – was too weak to do anything against the powerful gay lobby he saw around himself, and preferred to step down (though keeping pomp and title, so as not to be called a Celestine; which he will be called anyway, and will be considered much worse than the original) is about to publish a 6000 word document telling others how to do what he did not have the guts to do himself.   Talk about armchair Pope (Emeritus, of course).

From what has emerged of his document, Benedict commits two huge errors:

1. He fails to point out the deep connection between paedophilia and homosexuality. The linked article does not seem to indicate that he sees any connection between the homosexual scourge plaguing the Church and the paedophile scandals. His main issue is how priests of the Sixties and Seventies reacted to paedophilia, not homosexuality.

2. He keeps living in Benedictopia, a fully unreal place where there is a “good” Vatican II and all that has happened – and was caused exactly by and in the name of Vatican II – is actually some sort of misreading or mistake. He is like a 90 years old communist who keeps blathering about hod good Communism actually was, though Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and all the others were actually quite a misreading of it.

Vatican II was, says Benedict, misunderstood by, actually, the entire Church of Vatican II. That people in this day and age still have the effrontery to try to defend an entire life fought on the wrong side of Christ beggars belief.

Oh, and by the way: there is no indication whatsoever – and how could that be? – that the man may claim for himself any right in conflict with Francis’ position. He is the Emeritus, the “retired Pope”. He talks to the public just in the same way Helmut Schmidt – a man vastly more intelligent than Benedict – gave long interview about Germany’s political situation decades after not being the Kanzler anymore. The difference is that Schmidt was an extremely effective guy, and he could talk the talk because everyone knew that he had walked the walk.

Armchair Pope, this is what Benedict wants to be. He wants to be the man who does not have to actually do anything, but enjoys telling others how to do it right; this, when he himself was in the position to do exactly that and made almost nothing, or very little, and fled before the wolves when the going got rough.    

What a waste of a papacy. What a tragic lack of any awareness of his tragic failure. What a tragic inability to understand simple things about the world around him.

I pray for the guy that the 6000 word document – apparently published with the knowledge and consent of Pope Francis – does not have any fawning remark about Francis’ Pontificate; something, this, that Benedict did at least twice in the past and about which I reported. It would be the height of mockery if, just as he tells us how to do it right, the man would keep praising the man who is the very embodiment of doing it all wrong, and who came to his position thanks to the cowardice of Benedict himself.

From the article:

“Why did pedophilia reach such proportions?” he asks. “Ultimately, the reason is the absence of God.”

See? Homosexuality is no issue at all here. The problem is the “absence of God”.

What a convenient retreat from reality! There’s Benedict entire life hidden, or rather exposed,  here.

I think the Devil scored a good couple with these two. Francis is the faithless church-wrecker. Benedict is the more refined, more deeply thinking Church wrecker in slow motion; with a lot more profoundness of wrong thought, a penchant to tell others what he did not do himself, and clearly zero balls.

The life in seclusion and prayer at least had something going for it: a semblance of dignity, and perhaps the illusion that he might actually be disapproving of Francis. But by speaking on several occasions (this one is, to my count, at least the third) Benedict showed once again that he will die being remembered for his completely waster life and Pontificate, plus Summorum Pontificum.

Francis is the bubo of V II, exploded. Benedict is the bubo of V II growing and, so to speak, still talking.





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