Looking Bad

It would appear that the very PR people of the Vatican censor Francis whenever his stupidity becomes too much even for them.

It says here that this has happened twice in the same speech! Francis accusing “rich Europe and America” of fomenting (if memory serves) wars would not go down well with many Catholics, and the stupid downplaying of the Nigerian mafia in Italy because of the Sicilian one is even dumber.

The shocking fact is this: this clown is so unhinged that his words must be hidden from the world.

No, it is not senility, or incipient dementia, taking its toll. It is not arteriosclerosis playing him some trick. It is, as always, the uncontrolled boorishness and arrogance of the guy that prevents him from remaining at least halfway presentable in his utterances.

Every time you think this man has reached the nadir, he surprises you anew. He is now officially an out-of-control firebrand for the people nearest to him. What a sad destiny.

Don’t think he will change. Bar a miracle, it seems clear this man will become worse. The explosive mix of extreme, pent up resentment, great power and age-related moodiness and acidity typical of resentful individuals will give us more of this rubbish.

Laugh at him. Ridicule him. Make him angry, so that he becomes even more childish, even more offensive, even more resentful.

The worse he looks, the better for Catholicism.

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  1. …thank God for the FSSP Trad Mass or I would be forced to go dark and sit this episode out…next thing you know he’ll be entertaining AOC…..

  2. He is too consistent in his behavior for it to be dementia. If it were dementia there would be oddities in other areas, not just anti-Catholic behaviors aimed at expressing his distaste for Christ and for us. He’s too consistent.
    He’s an angry, vindictive, venomous individual, and that anger is spewing out of him now like a volcano he can barely contain.

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