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The Two Faces Of Papal Arrogance

Pope Benedict fleeing. Wolves not in the picture.

I have already written about the arrogance of a man daring to rape the Divinely instituted office he holds for the sake of his self-promotion. Francis is, in term of haughtiness, impossible to surpass.

But there is another type of Papal arrogance I would like to bring to your attention: the arrogance of a Pope who, after abandoning his post, has the almighty gall to tell others what to do when he , himself, was too much of a coward to do anything.

Benedict is certainly less arrogant than Francis – not a difficult feat anyway – but it seems to me that, in a way, he is arrogant twice. His abdication was accompanied by the announcement that he would keep the title. What that meant has become apparent in the following years: I do not want ze responsibility, but I will keep ze title and honour, thank you very much. And to show you how humble I am, I will retire to a life of prayer outside of the limelight. Only, I will actually not do even that, instead releasing my wisdom of Historic Coward to the world every time I feel like it; obviously, praising Pope Francis every single time, lest someone think I am not the gregarious type I always was; though always safe in the knowledge that I know better, ja?

Benedict’s arrogance has been at work for a long time. Gregarious among the revolutionary storm of the Sixties, but pretending to know better even then. Gregarious during the years of JP II, following the latter’s brand of continuation of the V II’s pandering to the world with the veneer of orthodox Catholicism we all know. Gregarious during his Pontificate, as he kept appointing disastrous bishops and cardinals whilst giving us Summorum Pontificum in order to show that he… knows better once again; gregarious to the end when, nonagerian failure and supposed to be now worried about his impending judgment, keeps propping Francis whilst, once again, showing him that….. he knows better.

Francis’ arrogance is the crass behaviour of the boor. Benedict’s arrogance is the vastly more refined attitude of the erudite coward, fully seized of his own intellectual superiority as he avoids any step that puts him in contrast with the mainstream and the authority.

What a great Pope Francis is, says Benedict.

But I am his better in any way, nicht wahr?


Oh So Very ‘Umble Pope Uriah Heep Kisses Feet All Around

Oh so ‘umble

In time before the beginning of Holy Week, the Evil Clown pulls a stunt that makes very humble headlines.

Very much Uriah Heep, the man shows us how ‘umble he is by kissing the feet of everyone around him. This is the man that never genuflects in front of the tabernacle. A worst example of fake modesty and attention whoring has the Papacy never seen.

Once again, and for those who have not paid attention, Francis is telling you – nay: he is shouting to you in the face – that he is an atheist worshipping at the altar of man. There can be – and there is not supposed to be – any other explanation for such bizarre behaviour.

If – quod Deus avertat- this cretin lives for a couple of years longer, I shudder to think what he will do next, whilst stubbornly refusing to genuflect in front of the altar.

You might say that a Pope already kissed a Koran; but I maintain that that Pope was already gaga when he did. This guy here insisted in performing his stupid attention whoring act notwithstanding the embarrassment of the present and the friendly invitation to desist.

Perhaps his was also – besides the attention whoring – another way to belittle and demean the institution of the Papacy; as shown by the countless saintly Popes who, emphatically, never kissed the feet of anyone, much less heathens holding positions of power in extremely corrupt Countries. But those were saintly Popes, and this one here is an evil clown.

I expect now several Cardinals and Bishops to brown-nose the man just as the man brown-noses the world. The real curiosity will be whether there will be any prelate who actually condemns such a shameless act of self-promotion in front of the press. Don’t hold your breath.

The feet of Muslims who allegedly did something for “peace” are worthy of veneration in front of the media. The Tabernacle is not worthy of even a genuflection.

Oh ye of evil disposition, always ready to criticise those who expose the Evil Clown and condemn them as slanderers because the poor man “is too old to genuflect”: you know where you have to go, and you have been accomplices of the antics of this evil man for too long.

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