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“Easter Worshippers”

Back from a well-deserved holiday in the Fatherland, I reflect on what has struck me most in the past days in the Catholic world.

It has to be the “Easter worshippers” thing.

More than 300 Christians are massacred on Easter Day by the usual suspects (I think they were Hindus; or perhaps Buddhists; can’t remember well now….). This is, alas, not new. However, in some prominent politicians (I remember Obama very well, I think the Hillary woman too) there was an absolute determination not to mention “Christians” in the same phrase as “victim”, “persecuted” or “killed”.

“Easter worshippers” is the expression they used.

It makes it so generic and at the same time innocuous, you see. It could have been Hanukkah, or Yom Kippur. It takes Christ literally out of the phrase. It does not help to conjure images of persecuted Christians.

Words shape minds. I go back to this again and again because I think that in the way we communicate lies the key to the way we actually think. Words are more than important; they are vital, literally world-shaping.

Christians are being persecuted, largely by Muslims.

There. Do you see the difference with the “Easter worshippers”?


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