“Easter Worshippers”

Back from a well-deserved holiday in the Fatherland, I reflect on what has struck me most in the past days in the Catholic world.

It has to be the “Easter worshippers” thing.

More than 300 Christians are massacred on Easter Day by the usual suspects (I think they were Hindus; or perhaps Buddhists; can’t remember well now….). This is, alas, not new. However, in some prominent politicians (I remember Obama very well, I think the Hillary woman too) there was an absolute determination not to mention “Christians” in the same phrase as “victim”, “persecuted” or “killed”.

“Easter worshippers” is the expression they used.

It makes it so generic and at the same time innocuous, you see. It could have been Hanukkah, or Yom Kippur. It takes Christ literally out of the phrase. It does not help to conjure images of persecuted Christians.

Words shape minds. I go back to this again and again because I think that in the way we communicate lies the key to the way we actually think. Words are more than important; they are vital, literally world-shaping.

Christians are being persecuted, largely by Muslims.

There. Do you see the difference with the “Easter worshippers”?


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  1. These people live on money that comes from atheists – most of Silicon Valley and Hollywood, plus all the ultra-rich Chinese Communists (an oxymoron, I know) – and from Gulf billionaires. What did you expect them to say? You can feel the insincerity and pure hatred oozing from their bones. When Our Lord comes in glory, they and everyone who hates Our Lord, will be surprised. I hope they repent sincerely and do penance before that.

    • Meanwhile the clown in Rome is near finalization of his plans to disseminate the power of his office and the entire Curia to the four winds. If I weren’t seeing this happen I never would have believed it.
      God bless all here, Happy Easter!

  2. Suppression of truth is what the left is all about. Innocuous terms are most useful. Glad your holiday was happy Mundabor.

  3. The truth is NWO/ Freemasonry use Muslim and Socialist terrorists attacking and eliminating their public enemy number 1, Roman Catholic Church. “Che” Bergoglio holds responsible for promoting Islam is a religion of peace. May divine justice be done.

  4. A vacation, how wonderful. I think we all need one. At least one.
    This whole thing has moved so fast and so extremely, I feel we are watching the world go down in a whirling vortex of evil. Things speed up toward the end, right?
    I admit, it is shocking to see all the indifference and venom from the Left come out more into the open. To realize these people will butcher babies about to be born, just seconds away, it is nothing to them, they cheer it. People who can do that are under no obligation to care about truth or fairness or even decency. Their hearts know only evil. Their intentions are now there for all to see, like our pope and his minions. Evil has stopped covering it’s face and parsing it’s words. It’s in the air we breathe.

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