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Faithless Generations

Another day, another string of bad news coming from the Vatican: involvement in the financing of illegals, beatification of the next commiepriest, and the visual antic of a Pope wearing a turban and smiling like the ass he is.

The temptation is easy to think that all this can be instantly remedied by a surprise Pope who, after the present clown vacates the throne he so scandalously occupies, reestablishes sound Catholicism. But whenever I think this I also reflect: why?

Why would God instantly put an end to the punishment, if the behaviour that caused it does not give any sign of abating? How many people who call themselves Catholic are fine with not only the fornication, but the living in public sin of their own children? How many of them condone or support in some way the homosexual “lifestyle”? How many are of the opinion that abortion can be accepted “in some cases”?

Catholicism is not something that falls on a Catholic’s lap. It must be earned with the desire of proper Catholic shepherds, and with the practice of proper Catholic thinking, in the first place. Why would God give the gift of good and orthodox clergymen and Popes to a Catholic populace which, for the vast past, does not show any desire or appreciation for such a great gift? For the sake of the 3%, or even 7%, of orthodox Catholics still remaining? Possible, for sure. But not very likely, as it would send the message that mass betrayal is all right in very high places.

If you side with V II you are part of the problem, no matter how orthodox you think you are otherwise. V II is the eye of the storm, the epicentre of the earthquake, it is at the very heart of this mess.

It might be the work of many generations before this consciousness is recovered to the Catholic masses. Then, and not before, will sound Catholicism be yearned for again. In my opinion, nothing less will be necessary to deserve the end of God’s wrath against his unfaithful people.

We must look at reality in the face and accept that, in all probability, we will die in a time of faithlessness, and so might a couple of generations after ours. This is, very likely, the lot given to us. We need to persevere to the end, knowing that the immutable Truths of an unchangeable God still run the Universe. Every past generation had a challenge. We have a trickier one than many of them, but we are blessed with a world without famine, pestilence or world wars. We may be the first couple of generations of Catholics with such an appalling lack of guidance. Still, no generation before ours had so many ways to find out what the true religion is and what it demands from us. We have all the instruments to deal with the present crisis from the comfort of our air-conditioned homes. We can collaborate with God’s grace and , in this way, merit salvation just as every generation before us.

We will, very likely, die when atheists and homosexuals run the Church. But as soon as we do, we will discover an unchanged, wonderful, divinely appointed order on the other side, and no amount of antics from the Evil Clown can take our effort away from us.

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