Faithless Generations

Another day, another string of bad news coming from the Vatican: involvement in the financing of illegals, beatification of the next commiepriest, and the visual antic of a Pope wearing a turban and smiling like the ass he is.

The temptation is easy to think that all this can be instantly remedied by a surprise Pope who, after the present clown vacates the throne he so scandalously occupies, reestablishes sound Catholicism. But whenever I think this I also reflect: why?

Why would God instantly put an end to the punishment, if the behaviour that caused it does not give any sign of abating? How many people who call themselves Catholic are fine with not only the fornication, but the living in public sin of their own children? How many of them condone or support in some way the homosexual “lifestyle”? How many are of the opinion that abortion can be accepted “in some cases”?

Catholicism is not something that falls on a Catholic’s lap. It must be earned with the desire of proper Catholic shepherds, and with the practice of proper Catholic thinking, in the first place. Why would God give the gift of good and orthodox clergymen and Popes to a Catholic populace which, for the vast past, does not show any desire or appreciation for such a great gift? For the sake of the 3%, or even 7%, of orthodox Catholics still remaining? Possible, for sure. But not very likely, as it would send the message that mass betrayal is all right in very high places.

If you side with V II you are part of the problem, no matter how orthodox you think you are otherwise. V II is the eye of the storm, the epicentre of the earthquake, it is at the very heart of this mess.

It might be the work of many generations before this consciousness is recovered to the Catholic masses. Then, and not before, will sound Catholicism be yearned for again. In my opinion, nothing less will be necessary to deserve the end of God’s wrath against his unfaithful people.

We must look at reality in the face and accept that, in all probability, we will die in a time of faithlessness, and so might a couple of generations after ours. This is, very likely, the lot given to us. We need to persevere to the end, knowing that the immutable Truths of an unchangeable God still run the Universe. Every past generation had a challenge. We have a trickier one than many of them, but we are blessed with a world without famine, pestilence or world wars. We may be the first couple of generations of Catholics with such an appalling lack of guidance. Still, no generation before ours had so many ways to find out what the true religion is and what it demands from us. We have all the instruments to deal with the present crisis from the comfort of our air-conditioned homes. We can collaborate with God’s grace and , in this way, merit salvation just as every generation before us.

We will, very likely, die when atheists and homosexuals run the Church. But as soon as we do, we will discover an unchanged, wonderful, divinely appointed order on the other side, and no amount of antics from the Evil Clown can take our effort away from us.

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  1. Dear Mundy,
    I started reading thinking, “Another downer to start the day.” But oh, what a joyous ending! I’ve been finding more and more that are being dragged to the same thought regarding V II. One such I found recently, was the “Wandering Priest” whose column -Did Christ Program the Church to Withstand Every Storm?- also ended with, “Thus, the only solution left is the one thing that none of the last five Popes have tried: A full return to the one traditional Catholic Faith, Dogma and Liturgy lived by the children of Fatima and encouraged by Our Lady, not a reform of the reform of the reform of the reform.”

  2. Vatican II is clearly the efficient cause of most Catholics essentially becoming Protestants. And the statistics prove it concerning confession: Only 2% of Catholics go to Confession once a month; 46% never go; the remainder go at least once a year.

    There is a very good article in the April 2019 issue of ‘Catholic Family News’ entitled ‘The Second Vatican Council: A Story Now Being Written’ Is it Springtime or Torment in the Church? Part I by Roverto de Mattei.

    • I am sure find it difficult to find a place to go to confession and, when they do, are *discouraged* from coming back.

    • Mary K Jones

      I am sad to say it—my oldest son & his wife & family started attending the NO Mass a couple of years ago, because she had converted there. (Any prayers are much appreciated! He was raised Trad.) I have attended 4 NO functions in the past few years, & I have decided that I have to greet my little grandsons at the entrance & then wait in my car till the end of the debacle, then greet them at the cake and photos. I will not subject myself to that chaos in the church again. It was physically painful.

  3. Like you, I don’t belong to the “positive thinking” school of Catholics who believe that if someone like Cardinal Mueller or Cardinal Sarah becomes Pope, everything will be fine and dandy. So far, neither man has called out Francis for his heretical statements.

    The Pope doesn’t come down from heaven or the Andromeda Galaxy. The next one will be voted in by the cardinals, many of whom are Francis appointees. These are the men who have thrived under Vatican II, loved or at least tolerated by Vatican II Catholics who like their Catholicism “modern”.

    I envision two scenarios, the slow and the fast.

    Slow: over time, perhaps generations, faithful Catholic boys will become priests, and they in turn will become cardinals, and then they will vote for a real Pope from among them.

    Fast: God gets so fed up with us that he sends terrible chastisement in the form of natural disasters, war, famine, plagues. Then, this generation of lite Catholics (including the clergy) will fall on their knees and repent, and come back to the true faith.

  4. Are you referring to the recent beatification of Bishop Angelelli the former Bishop of La Rioja in Argentina. He was beatified as a martyr by Pope Francis but in fact he died as a result of his car rolling over due to the bad driving of his priestly chauffeur who then claimed amnesia to cover up his ineptitude. Bishop Angelelli was know as Bishop Satanelli to his flock because of his left-wing support of Communism and Terrorism.
    By that action Pope Francis demeaned every faithful martyr of the Catholic Church. Just how low can he go?!

    • Yes, Bishop Satanelli is the one I was referring to. However, in the meantime I simply ignore all these bogus beatifications.

  5. It’s like the “catholic” who shows up for Easter, Christmas, family baptisms, weddings, and funerals. It’s not a religion for him, it’s a social custom. Then there are the regulars for whom it’s a self-help club like Toastmasters, a charity org, or just a way to hang on to some kind of identity for the disenfranchised melting pot. I mean why else would they keep coming if they don’t accept the rules of membership?

    Yup, we’re stupid to think the next pope will save us. He (or she) will probably be worse. Prolonged pain and suffering are the only things that might get our attention.

  6. Great situational perspective. Susscint and accurate. So refreshing in this age of fake news and faker analysis. This is where we are and where we are heading without an authentic and divinely led counter-revolution. It can be done and must be done.

  7. J M Butkiewicz

    Thanks for this post. It is easy to be discouraged with all the mess in the Church. But you put things nicely in perspective. God save the Church!

  8. Beautifully expressed. I think of all the poor deluded souls, like Robert Royal and his gang over at “The Catholic Thing” now hanging their hat on “The Catholic Project” housed at the USCCB’s darling The Catholic University of America. This new initiative is going to tackle the crisis in the Church and brainstorm solutions with both lay and clerical expertise.

    There is only one solution—condemn the revolution of the mid 60s and abrogate the Novus Ordo. Teach the faith fundamentals to the next generation and make the Mass of Ages universal.

  9. Yes! and note well, God indeed did make us this way, in His image and likeness, to say these things, to witness to the world, and to choose, with the help of His grace, in accord with His will. Guy McClung, Texas

  10. Q. Why would God instantly put an end to the punishment, if the behaviour that caused it does not give any sign of abating?

    A. Because we are asking that He does.

    • Are we?
      How many? 3% of us? Whilst 97% continue the happy clapping?
      I commend your optimism, but don’t share it at all.

  11. This article is one of the very few I’ve seen recently that doesn’t slavishly refer to that man as something he isn’t. It would be even better to read encouragement to Pope Benedict to stand up to the lavender mafia, admit his error, and resume the responsibilities that are his alone.

  12. Yes. Yearning for it is the purpose; recently read a passage in Fr. Jean-Pierre’s Abandonment to Divine Providence that tells of a faith that, the more of a travesty is visible, unavoidably obvious impossible to get around or through to go past, the more repulsive is what is seen, the more ghastly – the stronger that kind of faith becomes. That will do what it is doing, gradually increase the desire for the true Church. Our Lord has found no other way than for us to experience results, as He always does, and He will let this play through to the extremes probably necessary before things change.

    The Jews… some of them are beginning to change now. Note how now it seems that the Jews, and Christians, are rather on the same side. An example of this is the now professed agnostic David Horowitz, age 80. Super conservative and not the only Jew I have noticed like that, he just came out with a book describing the war on Christianity. The website he is in back of but which does not carry his name can be found in a search. It carries articles Jews and Christians read and comment upon together.

  13. I’m dreading the ordination of female deacons.

  14. It is a good reminder to toughen up a bit, and not to expect much from the hierarchy. This is our reality, while we pray and work for a better one.

  15. Amen! Well said, Mundy:+) VII IS the problem…that and the modernists who infiltrated the Church. God bless~

  16. Liz L and Mundabor, I have been thinking-I was truly expecting that the next heresy to be proclaimed was going to be that women can validly receive (un) Holy Orders; but then: do the flaming homoarchs really want actual women, heterosexual, not will-not-inherit-the-kingdom effeminate clergy, to be among the ordained? With, of course, the other shoe to fall that the false phoney deaconettes would then be ordained priests? The homoarchs have planned and plotted too many decades to seize power, to take vengeance on Jesus and his Church for the denial of eternal happiness, infested too many rectories, seminaries, chanceries, dioceses, too many Vatican apartments, blackmailed and threatened too many innocent victims to let any more heterosexuals be ordained. Same reasoning re married-male priesthood. For the homoarchs, there will be no active heterosexuals, happily married males, real manly men in flowing robes, only them and their effeminate mafia. So I agree with Mundabor, won’t happen. Guy McClung, Texas

    • That will never happen. The perversion of the Church goes through a deformation of it. To start with “ordained” women would make of it such an open mockery that even my cat would understand that the game is up.

  17. “We must look at reality in the face and accept that, in all probability, we will die in a time of faithlessness, and so might a couple of generations after ours. This is, very likely, the lot given to us… We will, very likely, die when atheists and homosexuals run the Church.”

    I have long thought the exact same thing. The Jews suffered for more than 400 years under the cruel bondage of the Egyptians, generation after generation hoping for and believing in a “deliverer” who never came in their lifetime. Anyone who thinks that we post-V2 Catholics are going to see a miraculous restoration of authentic Catholicism in our lifetime after a mere 50 or 60 years is looking for a ham sandwich up a pig’s *ss. The chastisement has only begun, and no servant is greater than his master. Just as Christ’s death on the cross appeared to be a total victory for His enemies, so too must His Church appear to be completely dead and vanquished for all time before She can rise with Him again. The Church must appear to all the world as if She is permanently dead and buried, and Her enemies around the world must exult and rejoice at Her ignominious demise before any kind of resurrection can be hoped for. The enemies of Christ are raping and torturing His Church, but She is far from “dead and gone.” Her Passion has only begun, and I doubt any of us living will see it’s end. But hey, I’m just one guy. I could be wrong. Good post, Mundy. I’m with you on this, FWIW.

    • People who lack knowledge of history fail to put things in the proper historical perspective. Those who know history see tectonic movement unfolding that will go on for a long time, as it has happened very often in the past.
      However, it does not always have to be so. The Third Reich was in rubble after 12 years. The Soviet Union made it a bit more than 70. Still, it is illusory to think that, as we have suffered 60 years, the world must be near its end or deliverance is soon to come.

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