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Prominent Clergy And Scholars Ask For Pope Francis’ Removal As Pertinacious Heretic




Oh well, this made my day.

The clergymen and scholars asking for the removal from office of Pope Francis are a welcome step in the unfolding drama of this Pontificate.

You can follow the link and read the two documents (one a synopsis for the benefit of leftist journalists) explaining the reasons for this step.

Note here that the document does not really attempt to examine the countless ways in which the Evil Clown has gone against Church teaching. As the signatories state:

“We limit ourselves to accusing him of heresy on occasions where he has publicly denied truths of the faith, and then consistently acted in a way that demonstrates that he disbelieves these truths that he has publicly denied”

In other words, the letter only focuses on those teachings for which Pope Francis has shown not only on single occasions, but with a constant effort of demolition, that he has them in contempt.

I am aware that, as always, the usual grumpy old men and professional losers will state that this is useless because nothing will happen anyway. As always, they are wrong.

What will happen is the loss of another piece of credibility of this incredibly scandalous papacy. Every time that Francis is publicly condemned, this has several highly beneficial effects:

  1. It puts the Bishops and Cardinals under more pressure to act and, if they don’t (which they won’t), makes their responsibility graver when the useless, spineless pussies finally croak.
  2. It gives further warning to the common pewsitters, so that the less intelligent among them avoid being lured by the prestige of the office into the pit of heresy.
  3. It makes it more difficult for the secular press to push the agenda of the modernising Pope; unless, that is, they shoot themselves in the foot explaining to their readers that the Pope is under attack from Catholics for not wanting to be a Catholic.
  4. It creates more pressure to pick a halfway Catholic guy by the next Conclave
  5. Last but not least, it is the fulfilment of the duty of all Catholics to defend the Catholic Truths in season and out of season, irrespective of final outcome.

Make no mistake, Francis will ignore the letter and, if asked about it (which is unlikely, seen the sycophancy of most journalists around him), will dismiss it with the usual bad joke. But this will hurt.

The man is collecting historic censures, not seen in many centuries of Church history, like they are model cars. He is now, for everyone with a functioning brain, a pathetic leftist clown unable to get out of the pit he has dug for himself. His loss of face is total. He is an embarrassment for the devil himself. His stupidity clearly surpasses the deviousness of his mind, which is vast anyway.

Francis will react like he always does: more heresies, more insults, more embarrassing, openly socialist statements. He will do it, as always, out of spite, because he is a petty, stupid old man.

This open letter is another public sign of the grand failure of this papacy, of the moral bankruptcy of an arrogant cretin who thought he could remake the church in his own lewd image. We welcome it as we welcome every attack on this man, who deserves to be insulted and taken as an example of evil behaviour for millennia to come.

No, nothing will happen, in a way. The Bishops will not wake up, and Francis will not be deposed.

Still, a lot is happening, day by day, as this Pontificate goes down in flames for all the world, and all the future generations, to see.




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