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All That Is Wrong With Francis And The UN (If Time Allows)


The Evil Clown has appeared in front of a Vatican assembly of clowns and has fertilised the ground like there is no tomorrow.

Let us try to explain at least part of the manure, though I am sure the stink in a way speaks for himself.

Firstly, the pandering to the UN as the supranational authority par excellence. The Pope, not the UN, is supposed to be the highest authority on earth. He does not bow to secular institutions. The only supranational authority the world needs is the Church. Once again, this is the continuation of the error Paul VI (that is: V II) started. Once again, Francis stretches the error to a grotesquely deformed show.

Francis wants that supranational authorities implement stuff like climate change policies. The contempt for democracy is barely veiled. Supranational organisations are there, as by now it is sufficiently clear, to prevent nations from deciding their destinies on their own and to subject them to the domination of a chaste of Nazi Nannies. Francis knows, approves of, and encourages the movement.

Francis states that the love for nation is misled when it begin to “exclude others”. For heaven’s sake, old nincompoop: by what is a nation defined, if not by the exclusion of those who are out of it? That a nation may decide to let some people become part of it is logical. That it should renounce to define those inside of it as separated from those outside of it is a negation of the term itself. The rhetoric is so stupid not because the listeners have an IQ of 12, but because they are clearly stating that they despise, and want to demolish, nationhood.

Francis deforms the principle of subsidiarity. Instead of thinking like a Catholic (that is: that governance starts from the smallest, the individual and the family, and gradually extends to bigger organisation for what the smaller ones cannot achieve), Francis puts the principle upside down and perverts it from a message of decentralised authority to one of total globalism: the UN and other organisations like the EU will decide for everybody. Resistance equates to “nationalism”.

Francis decries the danger that the rise of “nationalism” (let us say: the gradual waking up of Western Democracies) may compromise forms of international cooperation. Again, the prospective is deeply antidemocratic. If the nations decide that such goals (like the stupid Paris treaty) are not worth pursuing, then it means that they shouldn’t be. To think differently means to wish for a planetary dictatorship of the Nazi Nannies, telling the children what they have to do for their own good.

Then there are the obvious pitfall, which Francis surely sees but for which he does not care, of putting the destiny of the world in the hands of a bunch of Countries with no faith or the wrong ones.

The UN pushes abortion. Francis knows it and does not move an eyelid. If he did, he would expose the UN as the Naziest Organisation on Earth (which it undoubtedly is). But this goes against the aims of his social justice war, therefore he pushes the authority of the greatest abortion machine currently in existence.

I could go on, but I think you get the drift.

This man is completely sold to a globalist, socialist repressive regime. This is, in fact, the only religion he has. He will push for it, without caring for criticism and condemnations, for as long as he breathes.

May he stop breathing soon.



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