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The Sins Of The Fathers And Francis’ Staggering Hypocrisy

“Let’s persecute some Christians and mock them, too…”


Evil Clown travels to Bulgaria, and finds resistance in a Country known for being, erm, Christian (albeit of the Schismatic sort).

But this post is not about this. This post is to tell you that my adrenaline level got a sudden spike when this tool had the guts to remind his Bulgarian audience that they were persecuted for their Christian belief under Communism, and the reflections that such adrenaline spike prompted in this poor, but devout, intelligence.

Funny that Francis should say that: the very man who has condemned the Chinese Catholics to ferocious repression, out of hatred for the Church and desire to further every collectivist regime as much as he can!

I truly wonder what kind of parents gave birth to such monster; then it seems to me that it is difficult to come to such a level of hatred for the Church, unless this hatred has been nurtured from the early years in a deeply anti-clerical, anti-capitalist environment based on hatred for everything that is sacred and envy for those who have more, the two main ingredients of socialism and communism. I actually remember reading that Francis’ father (provided he really is) complained that he had to leave Italy because of his “antifascist” persuasion. Which, believe this Italian, would stink massively, if true, of a real anticlerical, communist or socialist refuse.

So what happens is this: Francis acts on his hatred for the Church every day God allows him to breathe. Then he travels around and reads speeches largely written for him by others. The contradictions do not bother him.  This is a man not bothered by anything, a moral vacuum of astonishing depth, fuelled by his own hatred for everything that is good and holy; a hatred, not unlikely, fostered in him since childhood by his evil parents.

I also notice here, because at this point things start to add up rather neatly, that Francis boasted of lying to his mother about his seminary studies, which his mother financed thinking he was studying medicine. Now let us set aside for a moment the staggering admission of such lies, to one’s own widowed mother; let us reflect, instead, on  why he would (besides the fact that he is a liar by nature) lie to his mother about his chosen path.

Would not every devoted mother be pleased, or at least very much at peace, with his son’s desire to give his life to Christ? Would she not gladly make sacrifices to allow him to reach his goal? Could it not be that Francis’ lies to her were due not only to the knowledge of the strong refusal that such a choice would have met with her anticlerical mother, but also to the obvious accusation of stunning hypocrisy and shameless scrounging of an entire existence that the mother would have levelled at her son? Is it not so, that more and more pieces of the satanic puzzle that is Jorge Bergoglio start to fall neatly into place and, whilst anecdotal and sketchy (once again: very little detail about the family. One wonders why?) give a fully logical, credible picture?

Truly, if the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons, this guy is the product of a seriously evil stock.


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