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The “Heartbeat Bill” Is A Step in The Right Direction

The armies of evil have used incrementalism to achieve their goals again and again.

“Give us civil partnerships and we will not touch your marriage”. After a few years, you are the Ku Klux Klan if you deny to every sort of inverted people their parody of a marriage.

Same with divorce. Difficult at first, then easier, then on demand.

We should work in the same way, eroding the enemy’s field a step at a time. This is why the “heartbeat bill” is a positive step. 

Yes, I know: the unborn child born of rape, or incest, is no less innocent than all the others, and such laws obviously invite a flood of false rape accusations. But the idea here is to chip at abortion from every possible way, to have people talk about it, and to try to have this and other bills sent to the Supreme Court to, hopefully, overturn Roe vs Wade one day.

It would be wrong, I think, to insist on ideologically pure legislation that does not get approved. We should learn from the strategic stance of our enemies. Even if this law actually is a law about… abortion, it is clearly a law that will undermine it.

The same should be done on so-called homo marriages, civil partnerships, and the like.

Demolish the evil one little step at a time; chip away at it; make it part of the conversation; and when the time comes, strike the definitive blow.



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