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Truth Has No Sell-By Date

In another open show of Modernism, the Evil Clown has reiterated that the capital punishment was right in the past, but is wrong now.

Stupid old man is, very possibly, thinking that the first part will shield him from the rage of Catholics: “See? Both Pius XII and my ‘umbleness can be right at the same time!”

Very stupid position, as this is not the way the Church thinks. If Pius was right, Francis must be wrong. Pius, on the other hand, was right because he has stated what the Church has always believed. Case open and shut, then; actually, not even open.

It is refreshingly surprising how this man keeps not getting that, however perverted his ideology, he damages it himself by pushing it so hard all the time. In other words, even if you were just as bad as Francis, you would understand that it is better for your evil project to take a rest every now and then, and be Catholic for a short month or two. Not this guy, whose emotional intelligence reaches kindergarten age at best.

Thank you, Evil Clown, Unholy Father, for being such a childish, petty heretic. You help us in making people with a brain see your evil mind in all its ugliness.

We await eagerly the next shot in your own foot.

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