TheChurch In The Times Of Madness: Further Steps

I have written yesterday some instructions for use, for those who want to navigate these incredible years and arrive at the shore of salvation without too much damage inflicted on their soul.

It might be good to add further steps for those who have already executed the little action plan outlined yesterday.

My personal suggestion would be to stay near three authors who have greatly helped to make Catholic theology accessible to the masses: Fulton Sheen, Ronald Knox and Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange.

A visit to any online store will reveal a wealth of publications from these authors. The first two are more colloquial and less difficult to follow, the third will generally be more suited to people with a grounding in philosophy or accustomed to more complex reasoning. You really can’t go wrong with any of those, but my suggestion would be to absolutely not miss the following:

Sheen: Life of Christ. He is the author of many other interesting books (I have read The World’s First Love, the Priest is not His Own and Mother of the Saviour, I think I am forgetting something), but I think that Life of Christ is a must. If I were to suggest a book about Christianity to a potential convert, this one would be it.

Knox, a convert from Anglicanism, was another one with a gift for making complex things easy. The Creed in Slow Motion and The Mass in Slow Motion are books I thoroughly enjoyed. Easy to read and difficult to forget, they are fare that can be easily tackled by adolescents.

Garrigou-Lagrange is a bit different from the other two. Of the books from him I have read, I would say that only Life Everlasting can be called “accessible”. This one is, I think, also a must-read. However, those inclined to more complex readings will enjoy “Providence” and “Predestination” immensely. If, then, they are willing to plunge again in the philosophy studies of their earlier years (or want to give it a bite), “Reality” will give him hours of high-level enjoyment. He also authored other books, ( I have read “Christian perfection and Contemplation” and “Our Saviour and his love for us”), but I’d say that the other two books make for more “essential” reading. Prepare yourself for frequent repetitions of the main concepts in the various books.

Note that all of these authors reflect the strictest Pre-Vatican II ideology, albeit I am told that Sheen was not as critical of V II as, I think, he should have been. Still, you will find his writings unimpeachable.

Before I close, I would like to also publish, with thanks, a link sent by a reader as a comment to my last post. The link has a useful, very extensive list of “safe” Catholic readings.     You may want to browse the list and pick from there what you think most suited to your tastes and interests.

Dear reader, we may be living in disgraceful times, but the Good Lord in His Mercy has also given us a wealth of information, easily available and readily digestible, to guide us through life. No generation before us ever had the access, the money, and the time to profit from these sources as we do now.

Francis can make all the mess he wants. He will be no excuse for anyone who is lost. Never could a Pope inflict as little damage to his sheep as one living in the age of the Internet and mass literacy.



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  1. Thanks Mundabor for the excellent reading advice. Fulton Sheen, Ronald Knox and Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange.should be on every Catholic’s hit parade.

    Check out YouTube on Ronald Knox bio.

    Also You Tube had lots on Bishop Sheen and some on Garrigou-Lagrange.

  2. I got Garrigou-Lagrange’s “Knowing the Love of God”, a compilation of his retreat talks on Amazon Kindle. Very good, highly recommended.

  3. Scott Zimmerman

    Really appreciate your last three posts. Very helpful. Thank you! God bless

  4. Thank you for compiling this list for us, Mundy, during this time of chaos and evil. Another gem that is very easy to read and highly practical is the book “Cultivating Virtue: Self Mastery with the Saints” written by an Italian no less:+) You can get it at Tan Books. It is utterly amazing to have how the saints dealt with things on a practical level at your finger tips. It will be the best gift you ever give yourself or another when it comes to the saints:+)

    God bless~

  5. charleseflynn

    Some good news regarding the works of Garrigou-Lagrange.

    From ( a few formatting changes have been made, because “copy and paste” resulted in confusing output):

    Baronius Press’ Exclusive Titles April 30, 2019

    Baronius Press is pleased to announce that it has secured exclusive rights to publish a number of titles (listed below) by some of the most renowned Catholic authors of the twentieth century. Baronius Press either owns or has been granted exclusive rights to publish these titles. These exclusive titles form part of our ongoing publication program which brings back into print important Catholic titles while supporting the monasteries, convents, seminaries and Dioceses that own the rights by paying royalties and protecting the copyrights on their behalf.

    List of Baronius Press’ Exclusive Titles

    Dom Eugene Boylan:

    This Tremendous Lover
    Difficulties in Mental Prayer

    Donald Attwater:

    Catholic Encyclopaedic Dictionary

    Dom Vitalis Lehodey:

    Holy Abandonment

    Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange:

    The Priest in Union with Christ
    Christian Perfection and Contemplation
    Our Savior and his love for us
    Life Everlasting
    The Mother of the Saviour
    Three Ways in the Spiritual Life
    Three Ages of the Interior Life
    Christ the Savior
    On Faith
    The Love of God and the Cross of Jesus
    The One God
    The Trinity and God the Creator

    Msgr. Francois Trochu:

    Saint Bernadette Soubirous
    Sermons of the Cure D’Ars

    Sister Josepha Menendez:

    The Way of Divine Love

    Due to the amount of work we are undertaking, we are not able to answer emails regarding availability and progress of these exclusive titles. Please check our website regularly or follow us on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to our Mailing List and you will receive updates on new titles, ‘back in stock’ titles and seasonal offers.

  6. Convert here. A stellar aggregator site links to huge numbers of books in all formats! – in Spanish and English.

    [Yes, to The Way of Divine Love, Sr. Josepha Menendez, about whom Christ specifically said, he was definitely with her in materials one can find in connection with Maria Valtorta, in comments to her by Christ on other mystics and problems associated with their revelations.

    For exhaustive research done by someone who went from vilifying MV, to being an absolute standard bearer for her work: pdf, Summa an Encyclopedia to Maria Valtorta’s Extraordinary Work. Geographical and archeological proof abounds that all persons mentioned in that huge body of work, a panoply of people intertwined with each other and with Christ, were in the places they were said to be as the revelations of MV proceed. Eventually, I hope to get to reading some of her work or purchasing it – a rather big investment as there are volumes and voumes… but have so much reading to do beforehand.]

    YES, the internet! We are so blessed; it’s perfect for lovers of old, authentic books and materials.

    My mentioning books I am loving would simply be repeating a list any born Catholic knows, that is, if they took/take their faith at all seriously. I have met only Catholics who do not; those who left around the time Vatican II took effect. Those were tumultuous times for other reasons, too. Their lives went way off track. But, to add to the list of reading material some may have forgotten about or may need:

    SPIRITUAL DIRECTION! All the spiritual direction letters from Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade (Abandonment to Divine Providence, in back are his letters of direction); Letters of St. Francis de Sales planned to read when I finish his Treatise on Divine Love, and Letters of St. Jane de Chantal.

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