Don’t Take Freedom For Granted

The time might come, in this generation or in the next one,  when it is necessary to fight again for it, possibly on American soil.

Enjoy this emotional, beautiful reflection from a man that certainly (from what I know of him) is not one of those I would invite for dinner; but here he does it beautifully.


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  1. Never ceased to be amazed visiting this blog. Thanks for all.

  2. Alex GottmitUns

    You do know what KISS stands for, right?
    Aside from that he’s from the rabbinical jewish “religion”.
    It’s akin to Emma “the Bicycle” Bonnino praising Trump for something.

  3. Those of us born here should try to emulate the appreciation that Gene Simmons has for our country. And likewise our Catholic religion. Both of these are now under the attack of the devil and listing to port. Let us pray for perseverance and courage to fight the good fight against those who wish to remove God from our country and our Catholic religion.

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