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The Future of This Blog: Reflections and Request For Suggestions

I have written this blog for almost nine years now. I have (obviously) not made a penny out of it, but I hope that the thousands of hours spent at the keyboard will, one day, help me – with God’s grace – to obtain the grace of all graces.

I can see the end of this blog on the horizon. I can see it in the fact that more and more conservative voices, big or small, are being silenced, even it if is the big ones who make the headlines.

I can also see it in the decision, made once and never changed, that I will blog anonymously or I will not blog. If you don’t get why, at this point I think you are too thick to even merit an explanation.

I also thought – until recently – that WordPress would protect my freedom of speech. Not so sure anymore. When manosphere blogs are shut down – it does not matter here whether you agree with them or not – conservative Catholics cannot be very far away. I have, therefore, come to the conclusion that, at some point, WordPress will silence me; and at that point it will likely be the end of my blog experience, unless I find a way to make it work on another platform. I have thought of some short term measures, but this post is principally meant to investigate long term possibilities.


I have downloaded on my anonymous email a complete backup of my site. Whilst I don’t know how to use it, in case of need I do not doubt that other people would.

However, I encourage my readers to do the same, archiving as much as they can of my site.

For example, if you receive my blog posts via email, you may think of not ever deleting them and potting them in a folder somewhere in the cloud, where it will not get destroyed next time your hard drive dies.  Or, like me, you have an email provider that keeps the emails forever, which also helps if it really works that way. If the manure hits the ventilator, there will be people able to put many posts on the internet again, on platform that cannot be easily assailed.

If any of my readers is technically gifted and knows how to “mirror” my site (I do not even know what that means exactly), he should feel free to do so if this allows my site to be easily “recovered” in case of sudden and total censorship.

Basically the idea is this: that if my site is closed, the content will pop up in dozen of other sites around the Internet; all the thousands of posts in it and possibly the comments, too. It is a sort of preventative measure.


If my blogging activity is to continue after WordPress were to shut down this site, I would need to have a place that guarantees complete anonymity.

Complete means complete.

Therefore, and just to make an example, no credit cards whatsoever, or anything that traces a payment back to me. I might make a partial exception for Bitcoin or other virtual currencies, meaning that if I can buy a domain and make it work by paying only in virtual currency, I trust that this would be safe enough.

You all know how my WordPress site is organised and the way in which I use it.

I am grateful for any suggestion about alternative platforms which:

1) Are extremely serious about freedom of speech.

2) Allow me to set up my place, without technical knowledge (WordPress was excellent in this), either for free or paying in virtual currency. I would be glad to find sites that allow payment with vouchers and gift cards. Bear in mind, however, that a lot that is allowed in the US is not allowed here in Europe (e.g. anonymous credit cards, anonymous phone numbers). Already requiring a phone number kills the entire exercise (which is why my blog is on WordPress and not Blogger): a stupid SJW in the provider’s office and you are doxxed already.  Yes, I am a mistrustful guy.

3) Have the same format as this blog: one blog post after the other and the possibility to read them in a series and order them by months etc,  rather than a “Twitter” format where one only has a “window” were to write, but no proper blog organisation of the virtual space, or a discussion forum rather than a proper blog.

WordPress has tremendous advantages: totally free and totally anonymous, and with an easy to set up, convenient blog format. I am slowly starting to look for something like WordPress, but with a passion for freedom, for the case that WordPress shuts me down.

What alternatives are there?

Thanks to all that would like to contribute and add suggestions and alternative ways of doing this.



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